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We help our clients assess, design, implement, and refine their DevOps delivery processes and platforms. Our client engagements significantly reduce the time it takes to provision and deploy new products and consistently improve quality. We focus on quantifiable results while ensuring our clients can sustain these practices over the long-term.

People, Process, Technology.

DevOps is about more than a set of enhanced tools; it is about synchronizing these tools with agile processes and the proper organizational structure to support a cultural shift. We take a holistic approach to ensure the right combination of process, technology, and resource changes are applied in order to satisfy each client’s unique software delivery objectives.

Our engagements revolve around mentorship, so that our clients are prepared to own and evolve their DevOps capabilities over time.

People, Process, Technology

Our Services

Levvel’s proven DevOps Assessment methodology delivers a precise strategy to enable your team to deliver on key practices that help organizations innovate faster through automating and streamlining the software development and infrastructure management processes.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration

By integrating and checking code to a shared repository regularly, you can detect errors quickly, and locate them more easily.

Continuous Development

Continuous Development

Address bugs quicker, improve software quality, and reduce the time it takes to validate and release new software updates.

Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure Automation

Configure infrastructure as a set of scripts so that environments can be replicated in a much less error-prone manner.

Methodology Transformation

Methodology Transformation

Helping you address organization structure, legacy technology stack, & culture to adapt to new and emerging market conditions.

Container Management

Container Management

Automating the creation, destruction, deployment, and scaling of containers in order to simplify IT infrastructure.

Platform As A Service


Helping you develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure.

How We Can Help You

DevOps Assessments

Assess the current state of your capabilities and your readiness for change during this brief but in-depth engagement that gives you a roadmap with specific, tangible recommendations for realizing your objectives.

Training & Transformation

Equip your team with the skills needed to work within a modern DevOps culture. As a Docker Authorized Training Partner, we can also enhance your training programs with world-class content on the Docker platform.

Technical Delivery

Our deep technical expertise helps you move faster and ensures you build it the right way from the start. We build both big and small applications, from a large scale enterprise platform to a one-off Stripe integration. We can supplement your team or provide a full team, as we’re always flexible to our client’s unique needs.

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