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Our Design team helps clients create new digital products and services by focusing on outcomes. We accelerate your product lifecycle and innovation process by running strategy workshops, designing & testing experiences with users, and writing code alongside developers.

Not an Agency. Not a Dev Shop.

Creative agencies may paint compelling pictures but rarely consider the technical realities of implementation. They leave you with beautiful documents, but well short of achieving your goals.

Software development shops may deliver working code, but they’re not concerned whether or not that code solves a real business problem. They measure product completion and bill you in terms of product features rather than the outcomes you really seek.


Our Services

Our cross-disciplinary team partners with you at every stage in the product lifecycle, delivering the product strategy, user research, UX design, user testing, and implementation services necessary to achieve your goals.

Product Strategy

Product Strategy

Zeroing in on specific target audiences while focusing on your product's direction and its unique consumer attributes.

User Experience

User Experience (UX)

Design that understands its representative users, working environments, interactions, and user emotional reactions.

Visual Design

Visual Design (UI)

Discovering and iterating on high-fidelity visual mockups that can match your brand style or rethink it completely.

Market Research

Market Research

Providing important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size, and competition of your product.

Prototypes and User Testing

Prototypes & User Testing

Rapid HTML & CSS prototyping that allow us to test products with actual users that help assess the viability of a design.

Metrics and Analytics

Metrics & Analytics

Creating models to help understand, monitor, & predict customer behaviour; while also quantifying performance.

Who We've Helped

CNNBank of AmericaCiti BankSpectrum

How We Can Help You

Levvel's Product Process

Strategy Workshops

Strategy workshops create clarity and a realistic execution plan for your new product efforts. Our proven methodology aligns stakeholders, analyzes the competition, and assess technology needs to build the right product the right way.

UX and Visual Design

Our UX and visual designers help create experiences your customers will love. We design interactive prototypes, test them with real users, and iterate based on the results. Our team embeds with Agile development teams to make sure the design vision carries through execution.

Product Assessment

Get a fresh perspective. Our team will assess your product's existing strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Our proven methodology includes UX heuristics, user research, and competitive analysis to drive your product roadmap.

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