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Levvel's cloud experts combine decades of traditional architecture, development, security, and infrastructure experience with a complete mastery of available and emerging cloud offerings. Our client-centric approach focuses first on understanding your business needs and goals, then selecting the right cloud technology to make you efficient, agile, and scalable. We tailor custom solutions to fit within your business processes, simultaneously reducing TCO and downtime while increasing productivity, security, ROI, and speed to market.

Get More from Your Infrastructure

To remain competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace, your company must adopt a cloud computing strategy as part of your Digital Transformation initiatives, but simply moving to the cloud isn't enough. Levvel supercharges your cloud infrastructure, enabling analytics and big data workflows, IoT and Edge processing, and streamlining traditional application, mobile, and media workloads.

Cloud Infrastructure

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The cloud ecosystem is constantly in motion. Public and private IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS providers are all vying for your business with competitive feature sets. Partnering with Levvel's certified architects allows you to navigate this shifting landscape with confidence, from provider selection to architecture strategy and implementation.

All Levvel cloud partnerships focus on training, mentorship, and staff education. True success means ensuring that your team incorporates cloud-first thinking into your everyday business processes.

Architecture Strategy

Architecture Strategy

Design highly-available, containterized, fault-tolerant systems that scale automatically with your workload and take advantage of the elastic economics of the cloud.

Right-sizing & TCO

Right-sizing & TCO Analysis

Prevent costly budget overages and reduce TCO by consolidating resources, optimizing workload, and streamlining workflow. Pay only for what you use, when you use it.

Implementation & Migration

Implementation & Migration

Deploy immutable, version-controlled, greenfield infrastructure, or plan and execute the migration of your existing workloads into the cloud with minimal business impact and downtime.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

Harden or remediate your infrastructure to comply with PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, ISO 9001/270**, or SOC 1/2/3 requirements.

Serverless & Microservices

Serverless & Microservices

Design for a scalable future or decouple your legacy monolith into microservices that leverage the power of serverless computing.

IoT & Edge

IoT & Edge

Support your IoT platform with a purpose-built, secure, cloud backend that fully leverages the compute power at the edges of your network.

How We Can Help You

Cloud Adoption & Enablement Strategy

Levvel understands that your executive, legal, security, compliance, and development organizations all have distinct concerns about cloud adoption. We leverage our broad industry expertise and stakeholder-inclusive approach to quickly gain consensus and drive forward critical decisions, from provider selection and multi-account management to security hardening and rollout.

Architecture Consulting

Move forward with confidence knowing that Levvel's certified cloud architects have designed a solution that is secure, scalable, always-available, and cost-effective. Remediate existing issues, modernize legacy apps, or plan your next-gen greenfield project with our experts at your side.

Technical Delivery

Accelerate the execution of your existing cloud strategy. Levvel's experts can work independently or embed with your existing team to drive the provisioning, configuration management, orchestration, and automation of your platform.

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