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Top Image Systems is a provider of end-to-end, multi-channel invoice capture and workflow software. Over the last 20 years, TIS has deployed invoice processing projects all over the world, equipping the solution to interact with virtually any underlying ERP or legacy system. The solution supports multiple suppliers, currencies, languages, customer complexities, and high document volumes.

Solution Functionality: The TIS invoice automation solution, eFLOW AP, integrates with any financial workflow and ERP system, including SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics and JD Edwards. The workflow solution can run inside or outside of the ERP system, and customers can choose to use the solutions on-premise or in the cloud. TIS also offers a special integrated solution based on SAP standards.

Reporting and Analytics: TIS includes enhancements for tracking, auditing, supervising, reporting, and controlling the IWA process, all monitored and controlled through the eFLOW AP Analysis Monitor. The GUI can be customized to customer needs, and all relevant AP information is displayed in one place. Features of TIS business and operations analytics features include KPI analytics, real-time reporting dashboards, predefined historical reports, a configurable report generator, and a merging capability that combines business analytics and workflow data into a single view.


2015 IT Innovation Awards Winner of 3 Best IT Solutions of 2015; 2015 Fintech Innovation Awards Finalist in Mobile Commerce & Banking; 2014 Mobile Innovations Award Winner for Best Use of an App to Collect Data; 2014 Gartner BPM Excellence Award for TIS’ Digital Mailroom Automation at HML

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