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Teampay is smart purchasing for empowered teams. We enable businesses to easily request, approve, pay for, and track company spending in real-time, using virtual cards and automatic data integration to reduce manual processes by over 90%.

Employees can make a request for a purchase, managers can authorize in 1-click, and Teampay automatically issues a virtual VISA card limited to the approved amount. Once the card is used, Teampay collects all the information from the financial services network, reconciles the transaction with the end-user, and settles everything in your accounting software– automatically without any spreadsheets or manual processing. In addition to giving you full accountability and control over your company’s purchasing, our customers use us to set limits on and keep track of recurring subscriptions. We provide a central picture of your commercial card-based vendors, alerting you when new or duplicate vendors appear, and aggregating spend for the same vendor across multiple accounts.

Speed up your month-end close: say goodbye to hunting down mystery transactions at the end of the month, eliminate unused subscriptions, and easily set limits on your employees’ purchases, all while saving your organization time and money. Teampay is the first finance tool your users will love.

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