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OnPay Solutions automates, streamlines, and optimizes your accounts payable payments and processes. Our bank-level data security eliminates risks of fraud and data breach. Our accounts payable platform guarantees immediate ROI. With a single file upload, we securely automate all your payments: checks, ACH, wire transfers, and virtual cards.

Think of Automated Invoice Processing… on steroids. OnPay Solutions provides a 100%-web enabled experience, from account creation to the download of exhaustive remittance reports. Our clear, transparent and comprehensive, 4-tier pricing structure based on the volume of remittance lines allows users to create an account and start using our invoice clearing automation platform within minutes. You can only go that far with your bank’s lockbox, which solely handles CK and CTX-related remittance. OnPay Solutions automates all those paid invoice receipts you receive via email. No more rekeying, no more time wasted.

And have we already mentioned that there is no setup and maintenance fees? And the first 30 days are free! Make Payments. Receive Payments. Optimize Payments. Anytime.


Listed by CIO Review as part of the 20 Most Promising Corporate Finance Tech companies for 2017, OnPay Solutions is the best way to automate accounts payable and accounts receivable payments in the cloud, so your organization can move money quickly, securely, and at a low cost… while earning cash back!

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