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Abacus is a flexible expense reporting system that applies intelligent automation in real time, giving companies the ability to confidently automate administrative tasks without sacrificing control. Abacus processes next-day reimbursements, enforces your expense policy, reconciles corporate cards, and syncs with your accounting software. Each expense is individually indexed in our internal search engine in real time. As they are submitted, policy rules are applied to each expense and ones within policy automatically flow into dynamic reports, allowing finance teams to create custom approval workflows. The system will prevent out of policy expenses from being submitted. Once approved, expenses flow directly into accounting software in either cash or accrual method. Employees no longer experience the pain of filling out expense reports. Instead the submission process is as easy as taking a photo with their smart phone. Abacus will create the expense, auto-categorizing it based on past behavior, match it to a linked credit card transaction, and then notify the user when it is ready to be submitted. Submitting expenses is simple and fast.

Key customers: Betterment, GLG, Reddit, Dropbox