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The Determine Cloud Platform empowers procurement, finance and legal professionals to gain deep data insights to make more informed spend, savings, compliance and risk decisions. Our customers, mid-to-large enterprises, benefit from our robust suite of integrated modular solutions — analytics, sourcing, supplier and contract management, invoicing, procurement and financial management. Whether starting with multiple applications or just one, the flexibility and configurability of the Determine Cloud Platform enables enterprises to expand their usage as needed to minimize TCO and maximize ROI.

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Determine’s target verticals include: Financial/Insurance, Retail, Life Sciences/Biotech/Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transportation and Agribusiness. Determine features HIPAA Compliance and SOC2 Attestation.

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Determine Cloud Platform
Determine Cloud Platform

Manage the full scope of Source to Pay and ECLM


Manage the full scope of Source to Pay and ECLM


Web Based/Cloud

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Accounts Payable, Expenses Management, Procurement

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