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We’re passionate about creating amazing experiences. As more and more banks use Zelle to meet their customers’ P2P needs, you can leverage our years of hands-on experience to create a game-changing experience of your own.


What We Do

For many organizations, Zelle is a compelling solution they can offer customers who wish to send person-to-person or small business payments. As a certified partner of Early Warning Systems, the company behind Zelle, we help you through the full product lifecycle needed to bring Zelle to your customers.

Zelle Strategy and Assessment

There are many different ways to fit Zelle into your organization, though if you are new to the product, the path can be complex. Our team ensures you choose the right Zelle implementation approach.

Vendor Selection

All implementation approaches have their advantages, but which one is right for your organization? If you are a former Pop Money customer, you might wish to leverage that service. Or, you could build directly to EWS. Another option is leveraging Fiserv, Jack Henry, or others to build your connection. Through the facilitation of an RFP process, we ensure you make the right decision the first time.

Ideation and Use Case Development

The most common uses cases for Zelle may be obvious. However, it can be challenging to find additional ways to use the service and meet customer needs. Through product workshops and production ideation sessions, we help create and define use cases that have you stand out from the crowd.

Stakeholder Education

Any new product brings with it the need to have the various lines of business understand what it is, how to leverage it, and most importantly, how to support customer usage. We educate and train your organization on all of these things to ensure product success.

Zelle Planning

After deciding how you want to approach Zelle integration, the next step is to plan for implementation. We help you through this critical stage with a few key activities:


A key driver for success is having a well-defined business, functional, and technical requirements for any effort. We ensure your effort is set up for success by leveraging our years of experience with Zelle and its implementation to create these artifacts.


There is no blueprint for implementing a product like Zelle. We ensure the technical architecture is perfectly aligned to your specific business needs, vendor mix, and product roadmap.

Technical Design

We take the architecture and business requirements one step further by creating the technical design for the Zelle integration. This design could be given to a partner to implement, guide your internal team, or be utilized by our team to build out the integration.

Zelle Technical Implementation

When the time comes to implement Zelle, our technical team is capable of handling every requirement. It’s ideal to work with a partner in the effort end-to-end, but we are happy to support any potential gaps in resources for the implementation. We offer a range of services to help you launch successfully.


Using modern DevOps tools and practices, we deploy code in a way that optimizes flexibility and stability. Regardless of where you are in your DevOps journey, our experts assist with these tools for easy setup.

Application Development

The heart of any new integration is building highly scalable, functional, and bug-free code. We help build brand new services or work with your existing team on their efforts.

Operational Impact Assessment

Building new products isn’t just about technology. We ensure proper operational processes, procedures, and tools are in place to prime your Zelle implementation for success.

Be a Success Story

Organizations like yours are meeting their customers’ P2P needs by leveraging the Zelle platform. Integrating Zelle is far from simple, and our accrued years of experience working directly with the product and designing customer implementations has been instrumental in our customer success stories.

Selected Experts

Scott Harkey

Chief Strategy Officer

Greg Lloyd

Senior Director, Financial Services

Kathleen McDowell

Managing Director, Financial Services


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