User Experience Design

Better experiences create stronger customer relationships.

Great customer relationships are the backbone of any successful business, and they hinge on customer experiences. When your customers engage with you via digital platforms, delight them and win.


A Team Sport

At Levvel, User Experience Design is a cross-disciplinary, team sport. We go from low-fidelity to high-fidelity, we include developers, and rapidly test our ideas with users and keep clients in a constant feedback loop.


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UX Workshop

In order to align the user experience approach with business goals, we begin each UX project with a workshop. These hands-on, intensive sessions determine the problem(s) to solve, and who will benefit, by bringing the entire team together. Our workshops result in answers to big questions that drive product experience decisions:

Typical Workshop Outcomes

  • Understanding of the customer
  • Internal alignment on goals
  • High-level feature roadmap
  • User flows

UI Design

We balance being data-driven and pushing boundaries to drive results. Design isn’t art, but art undoubtedly enhances the human experience of a design. We invoke art and science to create useful, intuitive interfaces that delight customers and serve to build your relationship with them.


  • Iterate without the weight and price of changing real code
  • Test ideas quickly
  • Get team alignment before committing to code

Visual Design

  • High-fidelity UI
  • Style guides
  • Design Systems

Usability Testing

  • Remote testing
  • Lab testing
  • Qualitative interviews

The Perfect Step Beyond Strategy

User Experience Design is a great next step to completing a strategy engagement and flows seamlessly into software development. We work closely with development teams to get designs into production code as quickly as possible, sometimes as early as two sprints after design begins. Let’s make something great, together.

Vendors & Platforms

InVision, Abstract, Sketch, Figma, Overflow, Miro

Selected Experts


Kat Perez

Design Capability Lead


Amy Henty

Design Manager

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