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Creating Harmony

Levvel recognizes that your enterprise systems must be integrated in the most flexible manner possible to minimize coupling between systems or avoid vendor lock-in. Sometimes it involves integrating a best of breed third-party solution into an existing enterprise, replacing an aging system with a newer one, or integrating with a cloud solution. Levvel can help you implement the best approach to meet your challenges efficiently.

Third-Party Integrations

Levvel can help integrate with third-party applications and libraries through both APIs and Webhooks. We specialize in integrations dealing with payments and e-commerce but are fully capable of meeting any requirements your organization demands. We use best practices for designing and engineering and provide documentation through API tools such as Swagger. We are programming language-agnostic and can provide a team of engineers that best aligns with the tech stack your organization can support. Your team will be fully equipped to maintain the solution after we leave. We also offer testing automation as an additional service.

Platform Integrations

Integrations aren’t always just a few ancillary services and components; they can also be entire platforms that will support your business. These are a lot more complex and require more than just API and Webhook integrations but also orchestration and workflow management. Levvel specializes in financial services when it comes to platform integrations, but are fully capable of taking on any integration needs.

Whether it is integrating your platform into existing internal or new external systems, Levvel will provide the best in class Engineering and Architecture resources to design and develop the most efficient and scalable approach for your organization.

Vendor White-labeling

If you decide to go with a third-party front-end and user experience solution, Levvel can provide white-labeling integration services. We aim to help ensure the data flows efficiently to your backend systems and that the user interface resembles the branding and customizations that reflect your organization the best.

Application On-Prem to Cloud

When migrating from on-prem to cloud, it isn’t just how you store and transfer your data that needs to be considered, but also all your business applications. Levvel’s Engineers, DevOps Engineers, and Cloud Engineers will all work together to understand the best approach to migrating your applications to the cloud. Once decided, our Engineers can help refactor as necessary, containerize, and deploy.

Application Migrations

Legacy systems need to be migrated to their latest language and library versions to stay ahead of security vulnerabilities and to keep you at the forefront of extensibility and maintainability. This is critical to embrace your full transformation. Levvel can help get your applications to the latest standards and builds, and get them packaged for either cloud or on-prem deployment during your migration initiative.

Right On Cue

Let’s get your tech stack working in concert. Levvel can apply our Enterprise Architecture, DevOps, Cloud Integration, and Full Stack Development services to help you build and organize the perfect technical orchestra.

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