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Creating Change From Within

The marketplace is evolving. Trends, technology, and consumption models have shifted, disruptive forces have entered the market, and innovative technologies have sparked change. Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes are an important component of transformation efforts and ensure that quality work is created to help build reliable platforms for transformation.

At the heart of these changes engulfing the marketplace are organizations demonstrating the ability to internalize the core concepts of SDLC. Our software consultants can assist your business in identifying gaps in your current methodologies and create strong mentorship to drive culture change from within.


Our 2021 Cloud Technology Management Insight Report is here

This report highlights the main issues organizations face when deploying cloud environments, offers solutions to overcome these technological challenges, and serves as an educational guide to determine your migration and cloud management plan.

Software Development Consulting: SDLC Transformation

Our software development consultants work closely with your IT organization to better understand its current state, define a target state, and deliver a roadmap to realize it. This will enable frequent delivery software updates, reduce the time between concept and delivery, and recover from outages faster. This will improve the predictability and consistency of your software development life cycle (SDLC).


Tooling is a key component of any transformation effort. We evaluate existing software, tools, technology, and application development. That way, we can recommend ways to better leverage modern technology and implement modifications to existing systems to incorporate tooling.


The effectiveness of teams is a critical factor in transforming the SDLC. To achieve this, they need to follow SDLC best practices and adapt to the specific needs of these projects. Through a mentorship model, we ensure the improvement of existing teams and developers. By embedding team members to drive change and build grassroots support, we help foster the culture needed for successful transformation.


Drive the needed change in process to more quickly and accurately deliver software to your customers. Our tech consultants evaluate the existing processes of your organization to improve your SDLC.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is typically only an afterthought to many transformation efforts, but it is important to view digital transformation through the lens of quality assurance early in the process. This allows for more robust solutions when red flags and problems are identified before they are major issues.


Manual testing is an important component of building quality software, but to drive organization transformation, automated testing is critical. Our software consultants believe that the more testing can be automated, the more successful the digital transformation effort will be. Human beings are good at viewing small bits of information and creating successful tests in a silo.

However, to test platforms that drive business value, thousands of tests are required, and without automation, the validation of your platform is impossible. Not only is tooling of the automation important, but deriving a valid QA automation strategy is critical.

Our software consulting services can assist in the creation of long-term quality assurance strategies to ensure that quality is a first-class citizen in all solutions at your organization.


With technology advancing at faster rates than ever before, thinking about security and penetration testing is critical. Think of the number of data breaches you have heard about in the news in the past year, and you can see that many organizations are not taking the time to evaluate security best practices.

Our software development consulting services can assist in testing and evaluating your existing platforms and incorporate our security best practices into any transformation effort you are undertaking. We are constantly reviewing OWASP best practices and working with our Cloud and DevOps consultants to understand on-premise and cloud-based security best practices.

The first step to securing a system is to meet the business’s compliance and regulatory requirements and then layer best practices from other industries where applicable. Our software development consulting can develop cross-functional teams to evaluate, create recommendations, and implement secure solutions in the context of your greater transformation efforts.


Performance testing starts with defining the level of performance required by your platform or technology solution and is generally driven by industry standards. The performance needs of a high-performance trading platform are different than a warehouse management system. Our software developers can work with your teams to define the performance needs of the system and then evaluate the current state. As part of evaluating the current state, Levvel can also create recommendations and next steps to achieve the system’s target and future state objectives.

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JIRA, Zephyr, Cucumber, Puppeteer, SonarQube, GitLab, Selenium

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