Real-Time Payments

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It’s no longer acceptable for payment transactions to take days to clear. Customers now expect their money to move in real-time, which makes real-time payments table stakes for your financial institution. From strategy through to launch, we ensure a successful RTP initiative that revolutionizes the way you do business.


Making RTP Work for You

Real-time payments (RTP®) is an exciting new transaction network developed by The Clearing House (TCH). RTP allows financial institutions (FIs) and businesses to send and receive funds instantaneously, while the payment system enables notification to the sender that the funds are delivered.

For many organizations, financial institutions, and business process automation software providers, RTP is a game-changer that increases revenue by driving down costs and expanding market share. Implementing the technology is both an operational innovation and a competitive advantage — and we’ll help you get there.

We provide strategic insight, technical expertise, and lessons learned to create the most efficient and effective way of approaching and implementing Real-Time Payments (RTP). If you are thinking about RTP, we help build out the strategy that best fits your organization, then implement that solution with our team of experienced, in-house technical experts.

Real-time Payments Strategy & Assessment

We help you assess your current RTP strategy and provide product support to successfully position real-time payments both within the market and your organization. Our industry insight, as well as detailed expertise with real-time payments, provide a unique perspective, allowing efficiency and effectiveness from strategy to launch.

Partner Selection

In order to drive the most value with RTP, FIs and software providers must form strategic and technical partnerships. We assist in partner and vendor selection for RTP vendor offerings, as well as supporting vendors for a real-time payments strategy.


Businesses are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and decrease costs, and FIs and software providers can help through broader use of RTP. Via workshops, use case building, and detailed customer journeys, we will help you identify the best way to incorporate RTP into your product so as to help your customers achieve their business goals. This creates opportunities for competitive differentiation and targeted solutions for your key customer segments.

Stakeholder Education

Education is the key to increasing interest in and adoption of RTP. We will help you build strategies and frameworks for customer education and outreach so as to build awareness of your offerings and their benefits — and grow your market.

Real-time Payments Planning

We support building business requirements, creating solution architecture, and defining the technical design of your RTP implementation. We work alongside you to provide a comprehensive plan that ensures your implementation of RTP is successful.


We provide product support for business requirements and technical requirements discovery and documentation.


We help you design detailed solution architecture, including your internal infrastructure, vendor-supplied applications, and a chosen RTP vendor, as applicable.

Technical Design

We develop business requirements into tactical steps, providing a technical roadmap of detailed phases in which the real-time payments product can be implemented across the enterprise, detailing what existing and new services, as well as technical capabilities, are required.

Real-time Payments Technical Implementation

Our experience and knowledge of real-time payment systems result in decreased time to market using our skilled, in-house development resources. Our broad implementation experience gives us the confidence to discover and identify surprises early in the process as we work alongside your resources to implement RTP as a product across the enterprise.

Cloud Architecture

We develop a cloud strategy to enhance real-time payments capabilities and ensure technology stacks and infrastructure are well prepared for a real-time environment. We assist with finding vendors with hosting capabilities to align with your unique needs. We assess moving testing environments to the cloud for faster setup and teardown along with increased flexibility.

Application Development

We provide technical delivery of real-time payments strategy, from development to product release. We provide a direct integration to TCH—or assist with a vendor integration—with a specialization in proper architecture and development of any necessary wrappers, orchestration, or translation layers, ensuring the best fit with your systems.

Operational Impact Assessment

We provide an end-to-end assessment of all operational processes to discover the organizational impact of implementing a real-time payments product. This includes reporting findings and suggesting potential solutions for any impacts found.

The Time is Now

Real-Time payments will quickly become the industry standard because the functionality it provides is essential to a real-time market. Take advantage of our experience and accelerate your adoption of this payment innovation.

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