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Gain Insights to Make Business Decisions

Our syndicated and custom research services deliver objective and timely market insights to technology providers seeking information to solve business problems, identify new opportunities, and better serve their business customers at any stage of their product lifecycle. We provide this capability through the fusion of market research expertise and deep industry knowledge.

Custom Research

Market Analysis

This research helps technology providers develop their strategies for entering new markets, making investments, and evaluating other opportunities. We provide critical information for strategic decision-makers through analysis of key market trends, market sizing and growth rates, sales and distribution channels, and the competitive environment.

Product Development Market Research

This research provides proof of concept for new products and product modifications to help technology providers properly estimate demand and better understand the potential success of their products. Our studies thoroughly investigate usability, pricing, and other value perceptions for new or existing markets. Using choice modeling, our custom product development research can help identify which potential product or feature sets (including pricing) offer the greatest market potential or resonates the most with specific market segments.

Brand Management Market Research

This research measures and tracks critical components of technology providers’ brand management strategies to understand their market position as well as the salience of competitive brands. These studies examine buyer adoption, awareness, and competitive positioning to identify the market’s associations and perceptions about competitive brands. Surveys are customized to reflect clients’ brand strategies, messaging, value attributes, and competitive sets.

Thought Leadership Research and Marketing Content

This research helps technology providers position themselves as thought leaders in developing their marketing strategies and business plans by validating the market’s needs and challenges. Studies provide insights into the current state of the market by examining business strategies, people and processes, technology/automation, and other external factors. Awareness of the challenges and pain points experienced in the current environment helps to make the case for change. Insights about buyer objectives, adoption drivers, plans, investments, and adoption barriers also help assess the market’s readiness for change or transformation.

For each syndicated and custom research program, Levvel delivers data and custom PowerPoint reports with insights and analysis provided by expert analysis and presentation.

B2B Technology Buyer Insights Program

Our syndicated research program consists of a series of off-the-shelf insights derived from surveys among business, finance, and IT professionals employed at mid-size and large* North American organizations across various industries. The program is designed to help technology providers understand, reach, and effectively target key business and technology decision-makers, influencers, and users in their target markets. Data reports and analysis can be customized for specific markets and competitors without having to invest the time and effort for custom market research.

Our surveys are conducted on topics consisting of Accounts Payable Automation, Business Payments Automation (ePayments), Travel and Expense Management, and Procurement Software.

From these surveys, we develop key insights on business issues, current processes, technology and automated solutions, purchasing process, competitive products and brands, and product feature analysis.

  • Business issues: Key business challenges and priorities
  • Current processes: Trends and KPIs for current manual and automated processes
  • Technology and automated solutions: Automation tool familiarity, usage, and interest
  • Purchasing process: Purchaser/influencer/user personas (e.g., roles, functions, etc.) buyer journey experience, purchase channels, marketing touchpoints, purchase drivers and challenges, and sources for learning about and researching technology and solutions
  • Competitive products and brands: Specific brand usage/share, brand awareness, competitive positioning (market perception), brand loyalty, and competitive Net Promoter Score (NPS)®
  • Product feature analysis: Software product functionality requirements, feature prioritization, and product satisfaction.

We deliver customized views of the data for specific markets and competitive sets along with a custom PowerPoint report that includes expert analysis and presentation. Co-branded thought leadership content developed from these surveys is also available.

*Organizations with $1 million or more in annual revenue.

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