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From front-end to the database, bring your conceptual architecture design to production. We have engineers who specialize in specific languages and frameworks, as well as flexible full-stack generalists. We are language-agnostic, curious engineers and architects who have a successful track record working in fast-paced development cycles within product-first cross-functional teams.

API Development

API-first approach solutions have fundamentally changed how systems exchange and use data by fully enabling extensibility, scalability, flexibility, and customization. We are fully equipped to help you transform and implement your API ecosystem, from reviewing what you have already developed to aiding you in fulfilling your custom solutions. Our process begins with reviewing your requirements, thorough design, and detailed complementary documentation that describes the behavior and contracts of the APIs.

After understanding the API approach for your needs, we get busy addressing your requirements with an agnostic and best-practice approach. We work cross-functionally with your organization’s Engineers, Product Owners, and Architects to ensure all angles are considered throughout the Agile development process. Throughout the implementation, we ensure we are addressing all key components of API development along the way, such as security protocols, key encryptions, access control, rate-limiting, analytics, monitoring, logging, caching, tracing, and single sign-on.

Code Review and Co-Development

At times we understand you may have already started your implementation and require someone just to come in and assert you are on the right path while helping you bring it over the finish line. Levvel can pair this need with our API Design service to assess, co-develop, and—if necessary—help course-correct with your engineering teams to help you meet your aggressive timelines and requirements of your business. When we leave, your team will have all the documentation, mentorship, and understanding on how to maintain and further extend your services architecture.

API Security and Governance

Security can’t be an afterthought in any API solution. We build your API gateway, application control policies, and infrastructure firewall rules to ensure both external and internal authentication and access is being considered following best practices. We will also ensure your data in motion and data at rest is protected and encrypted when it needs to be to meet any compliance or regulatory needs.

API Management Tools

Bringing your API design from conception to production takes a lot of work and time. Our engineers are familiar with many API management tools such as Apigee and MuleSoft, that will accelerate your implementation and help manage and monitor your enterprise scale. API management solutions offer tools such as to facilitate gateway and orchestration management, caching, rate-limiting, publishing of APIs, access control, developer portals, and reporting, and analytics. Levvel will work with you to decide which tools and components are most useful for your scale and scope.

API Testing Automation

Testing automation is critical to ensure your DevOps pipeline can become a full reality while also helping eliminate code vulnerabilities from hitting production. We staff SDET (software developers in test) on engagements who specialize in designing and configuring API testing frameworks and tools, such as Postman, into your API infrastructure. The tests will run in an automated fashion built into your development lifecycle and will test things such as validation, load, and security.

Custom API Development and Integration

We will build custom APIs that meet your business requirements and API style, whether it is REST, SOAP, Protobuf, or even GraphQL. Levvel can also help integrate with third-party applications and libraries through both APIs and Webhooks.

Modern Web Applications

Web Applications have taken the market by storm as the leading solution for application development. Whether it is leveraging a MEAN stack (MongoDb, Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS) or a compilation of languages and technologies, we can help you build out your next competitive user experience from end to end.

Front-end Solutions

Levvel specializes in modern Javascript web applications and single page applications using frameworks and libraries such as React, Angular and Vue.JS. We can also meet your requirements for solutions such as ASP.Net. We follow best practices and work with product owners and designers daily to ensure best-in-class user experiences for your customers.

Component-Based App Development

Modularity is key to scalability. We can move existing code-bases to a component-based architecture, or start from the ground up, integrating with designers to create a 1:1 map with a design system. Explore design systems and component libraries to learn more.

Backend Solutions

Tightly coupled with our API Development and Backend Development service offerings, Levvel will make sure that all frontend solutions are following best MVC patterns with most business logic living in the backend. Based on your architecture and requirements, we can build out server-side rendering or middle-tier layers that provide an indirection to your backend services’ architecture. Our solutions will leave you agile and flexible for swapping out your front-end solution or by enabling you to route multiple digital channels through it.

Cross-Platform Development

Users want the same experience on all the platforms in which they interact with a single application, and companies want to save on resources and time by providing one code base that reaches all the platforms on which their application is being used in a single deployment.


Implement your desktop application, which will work offline and cross-platform, whether on Windows, macOS, or Linux. We will work with your requirements and needs to identify the best path forward, whether that is a native application built with technologies like Electron, or a hybrid browser approach leveraging a Progressive Web Application.


Getting to market and reaching as many users as possible is a huge advantage when rolling out a consumer-facing application. Levvel specializes in helping build one codebase through compile to native frameworks that reach iOS and Android users in one go. In addition, there is the ability to reach users accessing the application through the web, as well. Our engineers work with designers to ensure each app will have a flawless native experience where it counts and build your next mobile app with an emphasis on reuse.

Back-end Development

The complex business logic, transfer, and persistence of data need to live somewhere, too. We can help you build out your back-end infrastructure, leveraging modern software architectures, frameworks, and languages such as Java, C#, Go and Node.JS.


We can help guide you in breaking down your existing monolithic application, or planning your next opportunity to be a distributed set of services utilizing a wide variety of decoupled application architectures, including event-driven systems, streaming, CQRS, and full event sourcing. These patterns allow you to stay agile, deploy services quickly and independently of each other, and help you focus on the scale of the hot spots of your application.


Utilizing the Serverless Framework, cloud providers like AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions, and even FaaS frameworks in Kubernetes itself, we bring your overall operational cost down by moving applicable use cases to pay-per-use infrastructure instead of paying 24/7 for infrastructure you don’t always need.


Responsive, Resilient, Elastic, and Message-Driven. We can implement a Reactive Architecture capable of handling large scale traffic real-time while staying responsive and resilient in our failure-prone world.

Database and ETL

We bring a wealth of expertise in data modeling, data warehousing, ETL frameworks like Apache Spark, Airflow, NiFi, and various database optimization techniques based on your use case. We also have experience scaling NoSQL stores such as Document Databases like MongoDB, key-value stores like Redis, and Columnar stores like Apache Cassandra.

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