Digital Banking

It’s time to become digital-native.

Customers expect to be able to do more than ever via digital channels, making innovation in these areas some of the most important investments your institution can make.


What We Do

We leverage our expertise in digital innovation and open banking to propel your organization into a true digital transformation. Our team works alongside yours to develop, plan, and implement a digital innovation and open banking strategy that positions your institution for success in today’s ever-changing market.

Digital Innovation Center Strategy & Assessment

Levvel can work with the organization to define or refresh the overall strategy for innovation and elicit goals both for the enterprise and products. We coordinate across the people, processes, and technology of an organization to create a lasting transformation that results in accelerated digital enablement and versatile and collaborative culture.

Ideation and Goal Setting

We facilitate 1-3 day workshops to assess the current state of digital maturity, or create a new digital innovation framework. The result of this workshop will be a detailed roadmap of the approach that best fits your goals, the innovation outcomes, and any enterprise transformations to be sought through the innovation process.

Design Thinking Education

These information sessions can be held on-site, or via a web connection, and explain what Design Thinking is, why it matters, its use cases, and other tailored design thinking processes and tools to meet your organization’s needs.

Open Banking Strategy & Assessment

Levvel can assess the open banking strategy within your organization, and deliver recommended product sets that align with the most effective target market and organizational goals. Additionally, we can provide a technical assessment of current architecture, recommend the target state to support open banking product offerings, and assist with designing and developing that infrastructure.

Vendor Selection

Levvel assists you with vendor selection for both open banking integrations, as well as cloud, DevOps, API and data manipulation capabilities to support your overall open banking strategy, thus accelerating speed to market creating a constant ability to adjust as the market evolves.


We facilitate 1-3 day workshops to create use cases based on your client portfolio, and build detailed customer journeys to provide a customer-centric approach to your use of open banking. The goal is to identify targeted opportunities for competitive differentiation and targeted solutions for your key customer segments that are specific to you as an institution.

Use Case Development

We will assess current use cases based on your client portfolio, and build detailed recommendations on a tailored approach to your use of open banking.

Stakeholder Education

We provide learning sessions on-site, or via web connection, that explain what open banking is, why it matters, its use cases, and other tailored information to establish common knowledge among your organization’s leaders about open banking.

Open Banking Planning

Levvel assists your organization with planning the implementation of your open banking strategy by developing a product set for your initial offering, recommending target state architecture to support your strategy, and working with you to position open banking for success both internally and externally.

Product Set Recommendation

Evaluate the current portfolio, assess the target market, and deliver recommendations for an open banking product set that best aligns with the organization’s strategy

Target State Architecture

Assess the current state architecture and provide detailed recommendations for target state architecture that will support the organization’s open banking strategy

Selected Experts

Scott Harkey

Chief Strategy Officer

Greg Lloyd

Senior Director, Financial Services

Kathleen McDowell

Managing Director, Financial Services


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