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The marketplace is evolving. Trends and consumption models have shifted, disruptive forces have entered the market, and innovative technologies have all sparked change. The window for opportunity has shrunk, threatening revenue streams and hastening the need to transform in less time and with a greater degree of predictability and repeatability.

At the heart of these changes engulfing the marketplace are organizations demonstrating the ability to internalize the core concepts of DevOps.


Our 2021 Cloud Technology Management Insight Report is here

This report highlights the main issues organizations face when deploying cloud environments, offers solutions to overcome these technological challenges, and serves as an educational guide to determine your migration and cloud management plan.

DevOps Consulting Services

To begin building or improving your DevOps culture, your organization needs critical information and strategic direction. We start with a discovery phase to understand your existing pain points, tools being utilized and their effectiveness, and most importantly, the business processes that are driving your need for transformation.

Our DevOps consulting services and solutions create a custom plan to improve your organization’s ability to deliver software, automate the data center (Cloud or On-Premise), and build an agile culture. This custom plan will include architectural diagrams, recommendations on tooling and process improvements, a project roadmap, and any custom deliverables necessary to ensure a successful transformation.


We believe that the cornerstone of transformation is aligning the business objectives to any DevOps strategy. We focus on understanding your existing business processes, goals, and dynamics of the intra-team interactions. This helps us make recommendations towards improving these components to enable a DevOps culture.

DevOps Services & Tools

Our DevOps consulting focuses on your organization’s existing DevOps services and tools to measure and evaluate their effectiveness, then we create a robust set of recommendations to help transform your organization.

Automation & Integration

Automation improvements are a key driver of success. The less manual work performed, the less potential for mistakes to be made. We assess your existing DevOps configuration to evaluate the gap in automation that can be performed. This allows your team to simply manage exception cases, leading to faster turnaround times and ultimately faster releases to your customers.


We work with stakeholders to understand, define, and measure the necessary KPIs to ensure business objectives are met. This is critical to understanding the full impact transformation will have on your organization. Once we have defined these metrics and measure the baseline results, we complete a full assessment, creating a set of recommendations and target results.

Hosting & Environment Transformation

Our team of DevOps consultants transforms your technical hosting environments, both physical and logical, including on-premise-to-cloud environment transitions. If your strategy has already been defined, we complement your efforts with world-class automation and implementation services, managing the transition as an agile work process with the appropriate Project Management strategy based on your needs.

Software Development Lifecycle Transformation

Our DevOps consultants work closely with your IT organization to better understand its current state, define a target state, and deliver a roadmap to realize it. This enables you to more frequently deliver software updates, reduce the time between concept and delivery, and recover from outages faster, improving the predictability and consistency of your Software Development Lifecycle.


Tooling is a key component of any DevOps transformation effort. We evaluate existing tools, recommend ways to better leverage them, suggest new tools if needed, and implement any modifications to existing process or systems to effectively incorporate tooling.


The effectiveness of teams is a critical component of transforming the SDLC. To achieve this, teams need to follow SDLC best practices and adapt to the specific needs of the project. Through a mentorship model, our DevOps consultants ensure the improvement of existing teams. By embedding team members to drive change and build grassroots support, we help foster the culture needed for a successful DevOps transformation.


Drive the needed change in process to more quickly and accurately deliver software to your customers. Our DevOps and Agile teams evaluate the existing processes of your organization to improve your SDLC.

Your business, software, and platforms are always evolving, meaning a true transformation effort does not have an end date. Our mission is to help you embrace the concept of continuously improving your DevOps narrative. By utilizing assessment workshops, we help your organization create and track appropriate KPIs and implement changes based on a project roadmap, ensuring the culture evolution is effectively channeled into positive results.

Measurement & Feedback

Once the KPIs are set, it’s critical to accurately track, measure, and optimize them. We implement tools, operations, and new processes to measure your existing processes and KPIs. By leveraging modern tools and culture to build flexible processes, we empower your organization with continuously incorporated feedback.

A Piece of the Digital Transformation Puzzle

At its core, DevOps is a culture shift. It is not tooling, it is not automation, and it is not just CI/CD. Levvel can help your organization through digital transformation initiatives, and DevOps is just one piece of that puzzle.

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