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Create consistently great digital experiences at scale.

It can be incredibly difficult to provide a consistent experience without a system in place so that your designers and developers don’t even have to think about it. We help you make it look easy.


The Foundation for Growth

As digital products become more complex and the quality expectations of consumers rise, we believe that a design system with a code component library is essential to the long-term success of a digital product and its ability to scale. Levvel embeds with your team to plan and build your design system, whether you have an existing product, or you are building something new.


Single Source of Truth

Your product is growing, and so is your team. It’s harder than before to provide a consistent experience because your product development is outpacing your team’s communication patterns. Increase your team’s productivity by centering communication towards a single source of truth for both designers and developers.


Your team shouldn’t have to worry about whether the spacing between elements is the same wherever UI elements are presented in your application, or whether font sizes are consistent, or if this shade of gray used is the same between screens. Component-based design and development ensures that your team can spend less time on ensuring consistency, and more time creating useful features for your customers.


Well-designed and tested components can be incorporated into any project that uses the same (or compatible) framework, without failure.


Your business needs your digital product to scale in order to continue to grow, but that is difficult when design and development are slowed by inefficiencies in production. By aligning your design and development workflow to utilize a design system, you will be cutting precious time from your typical cycles that can increase speed to market and enable your team to manage a larger product footprint. Not only that, but onboarding new designers, developers, and digital product managers is far easier with a well-documented design system and component library.

Component-Based App Development

A best practice in software development is Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY). When two different pieces of code perform the same function, you double the possibility of bugs, unintended side effects, and the amount of time spent maintaining functionality. The goal of the design system is to DRY up your development and reduce duplication by creating usable patterns.

As your organization grows, your development teams building new features and applications may increasingly struggle with code duplication. Duplication can be combated with component-based engineering. Building a complex application using components as building blocks allows each unit to be used in different contexts. This approach is in contrast to older methodologies of building user interfaces with inheritance, which can be brittle when misused.

New Component Libraries

A component library is a package from which any application can pull components. The library can be published and imported as a unit, or components can be published and versioned independently. Levvel joins design and development teams to work together and leverage tools such as Storybook, to ensure components are co-created while following best practices and therefore become the single source of truth for your company.

Extracting Components from Existing Code

Levvel can come and help with refactoring efforts as well to help you take existing code and produce a reusable component library for your organization. We will follow a similar process as above but will specialize by analyzing what should and should not be extracted out first. After analysis, we can then expedite the construction by starting with the lowest hanging fruit and mentor your design and development teams on how to start contributing in parallel with any new development efforts.

Full-Service Design System Implementation

Attaining a fully functional design system and component library is a lot of work, and that’s where we come in. We assist in every aspect of the architecture and implementation process.

  • Design System Architecture
    • Style Guide
    • Component Specs
    • Documentation
  • Component Library Development
    • Component-based Architecture
    • New component development
    • Extracting components from existing code
    • Documentation
  • Governance
    • Design governance procedures
    • Code library governance procedures
    • Best practices

Scalability Starts Here

It’s always a good time to prepare for a scaled future, even if you are working with a legacy platform. Our designers and developers have incorporated design systems and component libraries on large products with millions of users, and they are prepared to do the same for your team. And, if you are in the process of designing and developing something new, we highly recommend a design system so that you are scalable from day one.

Vendors and Platforms

  • InVision Design System Manager
  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Abstract
  • Storybook
  • React

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