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We help organizations digitally transform their IT platform with best-in-class cloud migration consulting services. Our team of cloud solution provider-certified experts deliver highly effective and reliable cloud services that provide you with a competitive edge. Our capable cloud services team helps you see results faster through comprehensive security and readiness assessments and strategy development.


Our 2021 Cloud Technology Management Insight Report is here

This report highlights the main issues organizations face when deploying cloud environments, offers solutions to overcome these technological challenges, and serves as an educational guide to determine your migration and cloud management plan.

Cloud Strategy

Our cloud services help guide and develop your organization’s strategic cloud approach, starting with a focus on the “why.” With a deep understanding of your objective, the purpose of moving to the cloud, and your existing IT portfolio, we can better define strategic decisions and accurately measure success. Strategy sessions include:

  • Cloud migration strategy development
  • Application rationalization and prioritization
  • Organizational representation model
  • Security model
  • Initial go-live architecture

TCO Analysis

Up-front costs are one thing, but the total cost of ownership is another. Our total cost-of-ownership analysis identifies the true cost of moving to a cloud-based solution. With a fully-transparent financial impact of moving workloads into the cloud, stakeholders can achieve financial justification.

Cloud Service Provider Selection

With a multitude of options on the market, selecting the correct cloud service provider can be daunting. Our selection process includes a thorough requirements analysis to determine the cloud provider that best fits your organization’s technical and business requirements.

Cloud Architecture Planning

Whether your application requirements are greenfield or brownfield, our cloud architecture planning engagement addresses both. Greenfield applications are those that are expected to be cloud-native and are not hindered by existing infrastructure. Brownfield applications are those that exist on-premise or in the cloud and have existing dependencies.


A hybrid cloud architecture includes on-premise data centers and cloud environments to create a hybrid computing platform for application hosting. Hybrid solutions leverage investments in existing infrastructure while extending capabilities to the cloud.


Multi-cloud solutions include two or more public cloud providers to provide a comprehensive solution. Generally, multi-cloud solutions are for cloud-mature organizations that take advantage of strengths in two or more public cloud provider platforms.


A majority of organizations leverage a single public cloud provider platform to take advantage of the platform’s offerings to drive down the total cost of ownership.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Our cloud readiness assessment starts with a thorough evaluation of your existing cloud or application migration strategy for the ability to achieve success. We take into account organizational infrastructure, employee skill sets, and other factors to determine an accurate state of readiness to move to the cloud.

Well-Architected Framework

We are certified by AWS to conduct the Well-Architected Framework assessment on customer workloads, which is based on five pillars: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.

Cloud Application Migration Planning

If you have applications and databases hosted in on-premise or offsite data centers but want to move to the cloud, our cloud application migration approach is invaluable. We start by defining the necessary cloud environment to host application infrastructure, then illustrate how to migrate specific applications to the cloud. This leads to developing a cloud architecture design, application cloud migration plan, database migration plan, and other supporting materials. Our team can even conduct the actual application and database cloud migration process.

Lift and Shift

For teams that want to move on-premise or offsite cloud infrastructure, our ‘lift and shift’ migration approach is applicable.

Oracle Database to AWS Aurora

Our cloud migration consulting helps teams lower the cost of database licensing and operations while increasing reliability and performance by migrating them from on-premise Oracle installations to AWS Aurora.


If you have existing VMWare workloads running in on-premise or offsite data centers, we help you leverage a VMWare migration in addition to developing TCO guidance, a migration strategy, and architecture planning.

Certified AWS Training

Our experts provide immersion training on a variety of AWS topics including containers, machine learning, data engineering, Microsoft workloads, serverless, and security. These day-long workshops provide an introduction to a topic in an immersive, lab-based approach.

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