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Your next big thing is going to require working models that allow you to move and pivot quickly to adapt to market feedback. Get sprinting faster with coaching from our team of experts.


What We Do

Successful product development begins with an efficient workflow across teams. Whether your organization needs targeted coaching, re-alignment, or assistance with a full scale transformation, Levvel brings deep industry expertise and domain knowledge. Our team works in conjunction with yours to establish and refine highly functional, product-focused teams that will deliver value to your customers on a consistent basis.

Agile Coaching

Having your teams be high performing and cross-functional can become a large undertaking. Once product-focused domains and teams are established, pushing them to high value delivery and continuous improvement is the next step; that is where an Agile Coach comes into the picture.

Our team has the knowledge and tact to improve processes within your teams to enable them in their delivery of high value technology solutions.

Workshop & Education/Coaching

Through workshops we take the time to understand where you are and where you want to be. Only then can successful coaching of product focused teams occur. Agility is not one size fits all, and we take a very tailored approach ensuring the education aligns with your organization’s goals and culture.

Training and Certification

Levvel, along with our preferred partners, can prepare your teams to become certified in the agile methodology that your teams have decided to adopt. Certifications validate team members’ skills and empower them to make impactful change in your organization.

Roadmap Creation

Understanding the future for products is instrumental in delivering value to your customers. More often than not, these roadmaps are vague and change constantly. We help our clients understand where their product is and where it is going by clearly defining product goals and learning the cadence of development teams’ ability to deliver incremental changes to production. With this information, a clear product roadmap can be created.

Value Delivery Management

Business transformation has been historically difficult with high costs, long timelines and moderate success rates. With technology innovation being a key driver in todays global marketplace, businesses expect technology to improve efficiency, automate processes and measure performance indicators. Delivering value realizes tangible goals through business transformation.

  • Transformation Process & Skills
  • Agile Readiness
  • Business Value Validation
  • PMO establishment or Reorg
  • Assessment

Agile Transformation

Deciding to march down the path of transforming to Agile is a mindshift, a different way of looking at work. It’s a transition in thinking from “doing Agile” to “being Agile”. It requires you to adopt a set of practices and principles, it requires the organization to live Agile values and using the values to help guide business decisions. It a true culture transformation.

We have the people and the tools to make this transition through a comprehensive approach. Implementing the agile culture and having adoption by the organization, Levvel works with cross-functional business and technology teams to build the baseline. From there, the transformation goals are set and activities are prioritized. By engaging with stakeholders, from development teams to leadership, we help identify your short term goals while building out the foundation to support future innovations.

We offer:

  • Agile consulting experts
  • Agile coaching
  • Training classes
  • Agile workshops
  • Recruiting assistance
  • Process design and implementation

Project/Program Management

Levvel has a team of certified project managers with extensive experience in digital transformation, application development, new system deployments and numerous other complex projects. Our project managers utilize project control methodology to ensure projects stay on track and quickly identify and resolve issues throughout the life cycle of the project.

Our team has the necessary experience to collaborate with key project stakeholders and focus on one common goal. Communication strategies, scalable business approaches and process improvements are among key skills that the project management team can bring.

Coupled with Other Capability Implementation

It takes a focused team to implement strategies and bring your vision alive. Our project management team integrates with other Levvel capabilities, sometimes a mix of developers, analysts and designers, to carry your project to success. Our approach is to deliver solutions as a team while building long-term strategies so you can see value quickly without sacrificing quality over the life of the project.

Process Improvement

In addition to project management, we also utilize best practice standards including Continuous Improvement, Business Process Improvement and various others to a broad range of industries. Using these methodologies, we combine them with tools such as process mapping, functional flowcharting and a use of process metrics and controls to provide methods for improving processes in operations and business. Working with your business we:

  • Define the process (how it is done now)
  • Measure process performance (establish a baseline)
  • Stabilize the process (remove variations)
  • Improve the process (how it should be done)
  • Ensure that process is maintained through measurement and management

Scalable Business Approach

Change can be scary and at times, there can be resistance to that change. In our Scaled Business Approach, we start with change at the bottom level working our way up. Our project managers can work with the project lead peer to peer throughout the implementation. We will build out implementation plans that can begin at a department level and cascade vertically until the plan is company wide. In this controlled process, this ensures that there is buy-in and less resistance to the change.

Start on the right footing.

How your teams work is a critical component of digital transformation, making or breaking large efforts. Culture change is a marathon, and we are going to help you win the race.

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