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Video Series: Digital Innovation and the Cloud


Sep 24

Why an Agile Coach is Vital to Your Modernization Efforts

Agile coaches are an asset because they assist your teams with establishing a culture that empowers people to speak up, make recommendations when they see opportunities, and refine an agile team’s processes to deliver more value to your customers.


Sep 18

COVID-19 Horizons: How Businesses Can Adapt and Thrive Through Data-Driven Decisions

This article aims to present critical issues businesses are facing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and how to use modern data solutions to resolve, mitigate, and/or insulate businesses from those problems in the future.


Sep 14

How is Technology Holding Back the Insurance Industry?


Sep 11

Video Series: Modernizing the Insurance Experience

In this new video series, Levvel experts discuss the key aspects of providing a great experience for insureds, where technology should be introduced to the insured, insurer relationship, and how tech enables insurers to provide better experiences.


Sep 09

COVID-19 and Back Office Automation

Although COVID-19 will eventually reach a resolution, the agility that investment in technology empowers will endure. And a key tech investment organizations can make is adding software to their back-office processes.


Sep 01

Video Series: The State of the Insurance Industry

In this new video series from Levvel, our experts discuss the disruption happening in the insurance industry, common pain points, stories from the field, and the opportunities for established insurers to modernize and level the playing field.


Aug 18

Enabling Agile Operational Readiness by Embracing Creators

Southern Fried Agile hosted its annual Agile-focused conference in Charlotte, NC, to bring together the Agile community. Organizations struggle to adopt Agile; however, it’s important to understand and adapt to become a better business.


Jul 22

Empathy Transfer: How to Improve User Experience by Effectively Communicating User Needs Through Storytelling


Jul 09

How to Build Cross-Functional Agile Teams

A truly cross-functional agile team has many masters and specialists who work towards the same goal, and that cohesion brings about some of the best agile software development.


May 08

HMG Strategy 2020: Executive Leadership Insights from Levvel CEO Chris Hart

Levvel CEO Chris Hart spoke at HMG Strategy's CIO Executive Leadership Summit event. In this video series, Hart talks about effective collaboration, communication, and culture in the c-suite, as well as how technology sharpens the competitive edge.


Apr 30

Our 2020 Legacy Modernization Report is here.

We surveyed hundreds of IT executives to understand their biggest challenges. See the survey results, symptoms of legacy systems, and our business solutions on modernization to improve business success.
What is FedNow and How Does It Impact The Clearing House’s Real-Time Payments?

The Federal Reserve announced yesterday that they will start developing a new interbank 24x7x365 real-time gross settlement service which would allow real-time clearing and settlement at the time of the transaction.


Apr 22

Fostering Agile Culture Using the Improv Handbook

Whether it’s a comedy troupe bringing call-backs to a hilarious crescendo, a band composing a new song in a live setting, or an organization valuing experimentation that creates new processes, these guidelines of group improvisation can enable magic.


Apr 09

KubeCon 2019 Retrospective: Why Kubernetes?

At the end of lunch with a mentee, I used the items on our table to express the fundamental concepts of Kubernetes. Sometime after explaining the purpose of the Kubernetes scheduler, she asked a question I spent the next several weeks thinking about.


Apr 01

Real-time Payments: Looking Forward in 2020

Now that 2020 has arrived, the reality of RTP adoption has begun to outpace planning for implementation. The RTP conversation is no longer around should it be implemented, but rather of use cases that have been missed to better serve customers.


Mar 18

Video Series: Real-time Payments Aftermath—Product Management for the Future of Real-time

Throughout this series we'll provide answers to frequently asked questions surrounding product management for RTP, such as managing the product(s) long term, dealing with cannibalizing current products, and more.


Feb 17

Real-time Payments Strategy: Large vs. Small Financial Institutions

TCH’s RTP adoption is rising. A recent study noted 74 percent of small and large institutions are considering RTP or have begun implementation. Although a large majority are adopting RTP, there are many differences for RTP within small or large FIs.


Feb 12

API Design: GraphQL vs. REST

API design is crucial, giving structure to application interaction. Given cross-functional teams and applications, development time is reduced with a clear, intuitive way to access data. API development often follows two approaches: REST and GraphQL.


Feb 07

Everything You Need to Know About the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and How to Be Compliant

As of June 2018, the state of California passed a new privacy law that could lead to more consequences for US-based companies than the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Here's what you need to know and how to be compliant.


Feb 07

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