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How Real-time Payments Can Help Businesses Better Understand Their Liquidity


Jan 27

Real-time Payments: Adoption Waves and Readiness

Real-Time Payment (RTP) adoption and readiness have been a point of consideration for Financial Institutions (FIs) dating back to The Clearing House’s (TCH) announcement to launch the service back in 2014.


Jan 14

Troubleshooting AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Kubernetes has become the standard when it comes to containerization. While raw Kubernetes is not easy to deploy and manage, cloud services providers such as AWS, Azure and IBM Bluemix provide managed services that significantly ease adoption.


Jan 13

Is Go Ready for Enterprise?


Nov 13

How to Drive More Customer Engagement with Zelle

The P2P space is a competitive landscape with fintechs and big tech companies competing with banks for wallet share. Zelle has strengthened banks’ abilities to participate in this market, helping them maintain their valuable customer relationships.


Nov 06

FIs Don't Consider This a Reason to Launch RTP

When it comes to business drivers, Financial Institutions (FIs) consider this to be their least likely reason to launch Real-Time Payments (RTP), per our 2020 RTP Report.


Oct 22

How Many Smaller FIs are Currently Implementing or Considering Real-time Payments?

As institutions realize that real-time payments expand beyond the P2P use case, the desire and need for adoption of an RTP solution is felt beyond the “big bank” atmosphere.


Oct 15

Majority of Smaller FIs Rely on Third Party Help for RTP Implementation

It should be of no surprise that the majority (84%) of smaller financial institutions are reliant on third-party assistance in launching real-time payments.


Oct 08

AWS API Gateway for Multi-account Architecture


Oct 02

How to Better Understand Your Customer and Improve Your Product

The customer is at the heart of any decision to change a product, and therefore should be considered throughout the entire process, from ideation to release.


Sep 30

Where Research Fits in the Product Development Lifecycle

Market research is a vital component of business strategy and planning, as the insights that can be gathered from a study can dramatically influence a company’s competitive standing for years to come.


Sep 25

The 2020 Real-time Payments Report is finally here.

What is the state of readiness for Real-Time Payments (RTP) across the industry? What are the current RTP integration trends? We tackle big questions like these and more in our 2020 Real-Time Payments Report.
The Evolution of Chase Pay

A few weeks ago Chase announced the shutdown of the Chase Pay app, and the Fintech world predictably had a lot to say about it.


Sep 18

How Important is Data for the Product-Development Lifecycle?

Market research is a fundamental aspect of product planning and development and goes a long way in increasing the chance of success and ROI of a project.


Sep 17

Video Series: Real-time Payments Aftermath—Product Management for the Future of Real-time

Throughout this series we'll provide answers to frequently asked questions surrounding product management for RTP, such as managing the product(s) long term, dealing with cannibalizing current products, and more.


Aug 29

Video Series: Component-based Architecture and Design—Considerations, Technology, and Culture

This video blog series is a comprehensive guide to component-based architecture and design and how a business can benefit from it.


Aug 26

Real-time Payments Use Cases and Opportunities in 2019

The world of payments is aflame with talk of real-time payments and how it will revolutionize payments capabilities in the United States.


Aug 09

What is FedNow and How Does It Impact The Clearing House’s Real-Time Payments?

The Federal Reserve announced yesterday that they will start developing a new interbank 24x7x365 real-time gross settlement service which would allow real-time clearing and settlement at the time of the transaction.


Aug 06

Video Series: Real-time Payments Architecture—Solution Design for a Real-time Environment

Throughout this series we'll provide answers to frequently asked questions surrounding architectural considerations for RTP, like which options are available for banks, differences in integration options, and more.


Jul 30

Apollo Day New York City 2019 Recap

GraphQL has become one of the most impactful innovations to front-end development in the past decade. It is an open-source query language initially developed by Facebook as an alternative to REST and other web service architectures.


Jul 29

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