When Do Most Organizations Plan to Adopt RTP?


March 5, 2021



While adoption of The Clearing House’s Real-Time Payments (RTP) is picking up among financial institutions, its spread among businesses is still early. This may change quickly, as we discovered in our recent survey that 66% of business respondents consider themselves likely to adopt RTP in the next one to two years. Knowing that such a large percentage of organizations are interested in adopting RTP, let’s look at the opportunities for financial institutions (FIs), software vendors, and businesses.


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Financial Institutions

If FIs become an early adopter of RTP, this will provide the opportunity to market and sell this product to a broader market of businesses. As client interest grows, FIs should focus on truly productizing RTP across business segments. This includes keeping front line relationship managers and other sales personnel in the loop on RTP.

With over 65% of businesses ready to adopt RTP within the next two years, the time to implement and productize RTP is now. Embracing this growing interest can help FIs maintain customer relationships and stay competitive in the payments space. Banks need to take advantage of this opportunity to educate clients on the instant availability of funds, transparency, and efficiency of RTP to sell this product effectively to customers of all sizes.


Business Process Automation Software

Business process automation software vendors need to think about adoption in order to better service their businesses. With AP, AR, ePayments, and ERP tools critical to many businesses’ payments processes, these providers need to provide clients access to RTP.

But many providers are primarily focused on how RTP could potentially impact their market and how it could change their product and business models moving forward. RTP will become a competitive differentiator in the market, with vendors needing to jump on board to stay ahead of the competition. Software vendors will offer RTP by partnering with FIs and include RTP as a payment method available on their AP, AR, ePayments, and ERP tools. Integrating this into their software solutions could greatly reduce back-office costs of their clients in terms of invoicing and accounting processes. Software vendors should start looking now for a banking partner to gain access to the RTP.


Very few businesses believe it will take more than four years for their organization to adopt RTP. But many companies are looking to FIs and software vendors to discuss the best approach for implementation. Having a concrete plan and the knowledge of the ROI for this product could help businesses feel more confident in their move to RTP. Improved cash flow and data management are at the forefront of businesses’ strategic growth, so they have much to gain with adoption.

Businesses can get information and updates about RTP from articles, conferences, and industry professionals. Keeping up with payments news could help companies stay informed about RTP’s impact and how it can affect businesses’ ROI. Asking their FI for more RTP information could open the door to more informed discussions about adoption. It’s important to stay informed about the benefits of RTP to keep a competitive edge.

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Our 2021 Real-Time Payments Market Insight Report is now live! Access the report here.

Authored By

Chris Rigoni, Senior Financial Services Consultant

Chris Rigoni

Senior Financial Services Consultant

Meet our Experts

Chris Rigoni, Senior Financial Services Consultant

Chris Rigoni

Senior Financial Services Consultant

Chris is a Senior Financial Services Consultant who works across a variety of companies and industries to create strategic payments advantages. He has over eight years of experience in managing emerging payments and digital platforms and served as a subject matter expert in tokenization, digital product management, real-time payments, Zelle, and open banking. Chris spent five years at BBVA Compass, most recently leading business-efforts in the launch of Google Pay and Samsung Pay, as well as managing their mobile wallet offering. The last three years have focused on tokenization, Zelle, and real-time payments strategies within organizations of different sizes and needs. He currently resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife and three children.

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