Creating a Mobile Customer Experience for More Attainable Auto Insurance

Case Study

September 17, 2020



A national property-and-casualty insurer, headquartered in North Carolina, wanted to offer a new mobile product to their auto insurance brand. Specifically, this brand was created for a non-standard segment of clients that primarily wish to obtain the minimum state requirements for car insurance. Gathering market and user research insights would help the client better understand this specific demographic’s needs and wants, as well as their position in the market.


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The largest challenge the client was facing was potential substandard customers’ inability to provide e-signatures on their auto policy documents, which was causing them to lose about 25% of customers. Because many of these customers don’t have access to a computer, collecting the e-signature was tricky. Without a signature, the client could not provide car insurance coverage.

This created considerable challenges, including:

  • The clear need for a mobile experience to offer their customers
  • Inability to acquire new customers
  • Revenue decrease by not being able to insure members of this demographic
  • Needing to deeply understand their users’ needs to create the right product



Levvel’s mission was to accurately assess customer needs and satisfaction to help inform the design of a mobile offering.

The recommended approach included:

  • Perform both a qualitative competitive landscape analysis and quantitative primary data study to determine customer needs
  • Identify key features for the prototype, including digital insurance cards, claims and payment processing, and roadside assistance, among others
  • Host a product workshop outlining research findings and required features


After the initial research phase, Levvel hit the ground running on designing a clickable prototype and presented multiple concepts to the client for a mobile app design. The client had already identified some of the key features they wanted in the mobile app, so Levvel was able to frame their solution into the application.



The delivery of the product workshop and subsequent prototype fostered a meaningful cultural shift for the client. With a new, primary focus on mobile-first thinking, the insurer was inspired by Levvel to structure all future projects with a workshop-style start.

The key features Levvel designed for the mobile app included insurance cards, claims portal, payment processing, roadside assistance, e-sign, login/registration, notifications, and policy details.


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