Making the Case for Digital Transformation

Measuring and maximizing the ROI from your transformation efforts

Organizations of all sizes have attempted to revolutionize their business under the umbrella of “digital transformation,” but many of these efforts have failed to achieve the desired results.

Despite common obstacles, the ability to digitally transform a business is one of the most critical ingredients to virtually every organization’s competitiveness. The evolution of software architecture patterns, new organizational approaches to development and operations management, and the wide-scale adoption of agile software development practices have all created significant opportunities to streamline operations and reduce expenses.

At the same time, these improvements have introduced new challenges for even the most technically savvy IT teams.

Overcoming the challenges and realizing the benefits related to digital transformation requires broad organizational commitment and a focus on achieving specific benefits. Quantifying the benefits in business and IT terms is an important step in gaining buy-in to transformation efforts and in measuring success.

Fortunately, there are benefits that affect nearly every aspect of modern companies that make building a business case based on return-on-investment (ROI) possible. In order to quantify that ROI, it’s important to first understand what is typically involved in digital transformation efforts and the components that make it possible.

Authored By

Chris Hart, Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Chris Hart

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

CJ Coimbatore, CloudOps Capability Lead

CJ Coimbatore

CloudOps Capability Lead

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  • Definition and Examples of Digital Transformation
  • The Business View of Digital Transformation
  • The IT View of Digital Transformation
  • Greenfield and Brownfield Digital Transformation
  • Components of Digital Transformation (PaaS, CI & CD, IaaS, and more)

Making the Case for Digital Transformation

Measuring and maximizing the ROI from your transformation efforts

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