Bank P2P with Zelle

Creating an Integrated Payment Experience

The number of P2P providers has increased dramatically, and more and more traditional bank customers are looking to third-party solutions to meet their needs.

Banks of all sizes continue to face threats from third parties interested in taking over key parts of the traditional bank customer experience. Many banks believe that conceding the customer experience to parties like Venmo, Google, and Square Cash will ultimately amplify the effects of disintermediation, further diluting the value proposition of banks in the eyes of customers and reinforcing their use of non-traditional services.

As a result, products like person-to-person payments are now table stakes for banks who want to ensure that customer interactions with their money occur through a channel and experience that they own. Given the nature of P2P, banks must work together to create ubiquity, so that any customer of any bank can send money to any customer of any other bank, and so that the experience is on par, if not better, then what these competitors can provide.

Zelle is the platform for creating that ubiquity; however, integrating it into a bank is no trivial task. Banks considering a Zelle integration should use this report as a high-level guide for identifying critical areas of focus and potential challenges upfront.

Authored By

Chris Hart, Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Chris Hart

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Scott Harkey, Chief Strategy Officer, Head of Financial Services & Payments

Scott Harkey

Chief Strategy Officer, Head of Financial Services & Payments

How can this white paper help you?

  • The challenge of non-traditional payments
  • Zelle as a joint solution
  • How Zelle works
  • New applications and services required
  • Taking care of the customers

Bank P2P with Zelle

Creating an Integrated Payment Experience

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