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2019 Travel and Expense Management Insight Report


Dec 03

Is Go Ready for Enterprise?

Sharing insights from the Go developer conference in San Diego, affectionately referred to as GopherCon, to try and answer a fundamental question: should Go be used for enterprise applications?


Nov 13

The Case for the Global Payments Platform

Globalization is a growing and almost inescapable phenomenon taking place today. As organizations expand overseas, their international supplier bases and the need to support cross-border payments also increase.

White Paper

Nov 11

2019 Contract Lifecycle Management Insight Report


Nov 08

The Future of AP

Join Levvel Research and AP automation expert, Goby, as we not only bring you up to speed on what you should expect from solutions today, but ready you for the future of the financial back office.


Nov 07

A Guide to Global Supplier Payments

With the rise of globalization, organizations are interacting with international business partners more frequently. Accounts Payable departments face complex requirements when it comes to properly and safely processing cross-border payments.


Nov 05

2020 Real-time Payments Report

Real-time payments (RTP) is here, and it is not limited to big banks. Smaller and mid-sized financial institutions (FIs) understand the benefits and are considering adopting RTP.


Oct 28

Buyer Insights for Product Development

Join us for our upcoming provider-focused informational webinar to learn how you can leverage this data to strategically guide your development lifecycle.


Oct 24

FIs Don't Consider This a Reason to Launch RTP


Oct 22

Market Research: Product Development Battle Plan

Market research is the key to developing a customer-centric strategy and a well-structured battle plan for an organization’s product development activities.


Oct 17

How Many Smaller FIs are Currently Implementing or Considering Real-time Payments?

As institutions realize that real-time payments expand beyond the P2P use case, the desire and need for adoption of an RTP solution is felt beyond the “big bank” atmosphere.


Oct 15

The 2020 Real-time Payments Report is finally here.

What is the state of readiness for Real-Time Payments (RTP) across the industry? What are the current RTP integration trends? We tackle big questions like these and more in our 2020 Real-Time Payments Report.
How to Guard Against Accounts Payable Risk

Fraud can have a detrimental impact on an organization’s finances, operations, and reputation—and it doesn’t discriminate against company size or type.


Oct 11

Successful Product Development Starts with Market Research

Product development failure is real. According to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, 95 percent of new products fail.

White Paper

Oct 10

Majority of Smaller FIs Rely on Third Party Help for RTP Implementation

It should be of no surprise that the majority (84%) of smaller financial institutions are reliant on third-party assistance in launching real-time payments.


Oct 08

2019 Electronic Payments and Working Capital Insight Report

This report explores the current state of payments management among North American organizations, and provides an overview of a few of the optimal payment technologies and financial management strategies available today.


Oct 02

AWS API Gateway for Multi-account Architecture

How to use the Amazon API Gateway in a multi-account environment where one instance can be used to manage a variety of APIs deployed across multiple accounts.


Oct 02

How to Better Understand Your Customer and Improve Your Product

The customer is at the heart of any decision to change a product, and therefore should be considered throughout the entire process, from ideation to release.


Sep 30

AP Automation for Microsoft Dynamics Users

Mid-market organizations face unique challenges in the back-office, especially when it comes to managing their finances.

White Paper

Sep 27

The Accounts Payable Automation Platform

As the variety of technology offerings has developed over the years, there has been a paradigm shift in how to approach back-office automation, with an increasing embrace of holistic digital transformation.

White Paper

Sep 27

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