Truckload Shipping Company Improves Transportation Velocity With OpenShift

Exploring OpenShift to improve developer productivity, implement agile release life cycles, and promote innovation

November 16, 2021



Like many other industries, the transportation and logistics space is in the midst of a digital transformation. Looking to remain competitive, improve existing workflows, and increase the velocity of their teams, a U.S.-based truckload shipping company purchased OpenShift.

OpenShift would enable continuous running of the client’s transportation management system (TMS), but they soon realized they would need help setting up, optimizing, and training their team to use OpenShift. Levvel was brought in to provide installation and setup, expert training, and document OpenShift best practices so the client would be set up for success long after Levvel was done.


The primary challenge was the client’s lack of experience and knowledge with the OpenShift product. Knowing the benefits of containerization technology, the client teams were eager to receive step-by-step guidance on how to best use the product.




Levvel’s mission was to guide the client’s team through a straightforward installation, walk-through, and training on OpenShift.

Levvel’s approach included:

  • DevOps Assessment: This assessment allowed Levvel to analyze and outline current architecture maturity as well as identify a roadmap for improvement. This provided a strategy for the next four weeks to get OpenShift running efficiently.
  • Installation: This installation required several technical pieces from internal teams, including domain addresses and load balancers.
  • OpenShift Training: Levvel provided live daily training for three of the client’s developers on OpenShift user access, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


With the successful training and installation of OpenShift, the client optimized freight transportation and enabled their teams to work more efficiently from development to production. They also documented best practices, installation instructions, upgrade instructions, and onboarding. With their newfound ability to make the most out of OpenShift, the client:


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