Transportation Data Company Improves Operational Velocity With New Containerization Tech

Evaluating container orchestrators for faster application deployments, decreased costs, and improved security

November 16, 2021



Looking to increase operational velocity, a leading data company in the transportation and logistics space decided to adopt containerization technology. With Levvel’s help, OpenShift and Docker could both be evaluated and presented to internal stakeholders to make the most informed decision on containerization adoption.


The client’s biggest challenge in adopting containerization was cybersecurity. Because of the sensitive nature of the client’s data and messaging services, they housed their information within on-premise servers.




Levvel’s mission was to help the client make an informed decision about which containerization technology (OpenShift or Docker Swarm) would work best for their deployment processes.

Levvel’s approach included:

  • Internet Access (Strategy): An internet connection is required to install both OpenShift and Docker. However, due to data privacy concerns, the Levvel team lacked an internet connection for installation. Levvel engineers strategized on how to best solve this problem while keeping cybersecurity a priority.
  • Disconnected Install (Implementation): The Levvel team performed a “Disconnected Install” of OpenShift. The team also changed the Ansible playbook’s host file with settings like proxy, load balancers, DNS, etc. to install OpenShift of VMWare virtual machines (VMs).
  • Demonstrations: Levvel and client teams met every week to present demonstrations and progress of both Docker and OpenShift to internal stakeholders.


After being presented with both OpenShift and Docker Swarm, the client was able to make an informed decision on the best containerization technology for their business. With containerization in place, they could implement:


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