Top 50 U.S. Bank’s New Design Library Improves Operational Agility, Time-to-Market, and Brand Consistency

Building an internal design library to develop a common visual language and increase efficiency across designers

November 12, 2021



Looking to be more agile, speed up development time, and promote brand consistency, a top 50 U.S. bank decided to construct an internal design library. Having design elements in one centralized location would develop a common visual language, improve design efficiency, and unite internal teams across multiple lines of business.


The primary challenge was the many siloed, internal teams with parallel design efforts to innovate. This was further complicated by each internal team having its own development team, third-party tech stack, and visual library.




Levvel’s mission was to help create a core design library so the bank could promote brand consistency and communicate design needs across teams. The client switched the design system tool from Sketch to Figma, a collaborative interface design tool. Figma is a newer software, so internal teams were relying on Levvel’s expertise to onboard, train, and promote best practices.

Levvel’s approach included:

  • Design Software Strategy: Levvel helped lead an exercise on styles (buttons, typography, etc.) with stakeholders and the larger team to get a better understanding of establishing core design components in Figma.
  • Design Audit: Levvel team members helped complete a design audit to take stock of different components and repeated elements, including headers, footers, colors, buttons, and typography styles across the brand.
  • Design Implementation: After the audit was completed, the approved elements were created in Figma to create a core design file. That way, the separate, internal teams could pull from one core library and be consistent across all channels.


With the new design library in place, the top 50 U.S. bank’s designers could easily pull from the common design components to develop products and experiences. With a new, common visual language across teams, the client could:


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