Top 40 U.S. Bank Gains P2P Confidence in Creating Custom Zelle Integration

Building a forward-looking and sustainable architecture to improve digital payments

December 18, 2020



A top 40 U.S. Bank wanted to be one of the first banks to implement Zelle. To create a forward-looking and sustainable architecture, they needed Zelle education to build a custom integration. This requires the bank to plug directly into EWS (Early Warning Services) versus going through a third-party vendor. They teamed up with Levvel to build out the business requirements, functional and technical specifications, and develop the entire integration from start to finish.



Typically, banks rely on vendors to do a lot of backend integration, largely due to cost and security risks. Keeping customer information safe and secure is a top priority, and the consequences of a breach are high. The client wanted to invest in an internal development team for this custom Zelle integration, and with our Zelle expertise, they could get help in building out the backend development.



Levvel’s mission was to lay out a timeline for the Zelle integration by breaking up the deployments and development into a series of sprints that would focus on education, design, and Zelle implementation.

Our approach included:

  • Phase 1—BRD (Business Requirements Document) Workshop: While outlining the project’s goals and expectations, this phase would help onboard and educate the internal development team on Zelle services and support.
  • Phase 2—Design: Once the business requirements were finished, a two-person team would build out the functional and technical specifications and execute a code delivery strategy for EWS.
  • Phase 3—Implementation: In the implementation phase, the bank would create a code delivery strategy. By assessing and prioritizing EWS use cases, they could work in a more agile fashion.



The bank was able to develop, test, and certify Zelle integration to deliver an on-time pilot and full production launch. With our help, they were able to fully support and manage their entire payments solution, all while exceeding payments volume expectations after the successful launch.



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