Top-20 U.S. Bank’s Newly Stabilized Infrastructure Improves Customer Experience and Reduces Operating Costs

Creating an effective maturity model focused on infrastructure stabilization, cost-efficiency, and an upskilled team through DevOps

July 13, 2021



One of the largest players in digital banking began to see a growing number of production problems, service outages, and developer problems; these challenges were simultaneously affecting customer experience (CX) during the banking application process. With Levvel’s help, the bank saw an opportunity to improve stability by addressing their engineers’ delivery problems, planning for smarter resource consumption, and improving operating costs.


Engineering teams identified key problem areas affecting the consumer, as well as internal obstacles causing infrastructure inconsistencies. These roadblocks were causing longer response times, and the client’s engineers were missing important alarms.




The digital bank needed help upgrading their digital platform. Levvel’s mission was to assess the client’s OpenShift setup and maturity, as well as help upskill internal engineers to expand their skill set. Teams could then collaborate to execute the set recommendations found in Levvel’s assessment.

Levvel’s approach involved:

  • Assessment (6 weeks): Levvel and client teams created a roadmap on how to mature the infrastructure environment and advise internal teams on short-term, immediate fixes to the banking application to create a better CX.
  • Implementation (10 weeks): This laid the foundation for an effective maturity model focused on infrastructure stabilization, cost-efficiency, and creating an upskilled team. This implementation provided a forward-facing view for future platform maturity.


With an improved infrastructure, agile workflows, and application consumption, the digital bank removed the root causes affecting stabilization. The maturity model roadmap and new infrastructure transformed the client by:


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