Stabilizing Payments Hub for a Top 25 Global Bank

An urgent technical action plan for fixing payment hub latency

December 18, 2020



A top 25 global bank’s customers were experiencing delays and service outages when trying to send payments. This hub was a great addition to the bank’s payment infrastructure, as all payments would migrate to eventually go through one central place. However, the payments hub started having latency issues during peak usage time. Addressing these performance issues and mitigating future occurrences were critical.


The latency issues made the global bank unable to provide a consistent service and experience to their banking customers. With this level of urgency, we needed to visit onsite for a technical deep dive to better understand the product, its architecture, and how it was built.




Levvel’s mission was to quickly identify and document the root cause for the latency and outages and to outline how to resolve them. In order to do this, we wanted to facilitate working sessions with key stakeholders and technical SMEs to better understand the current operational issues.

These multi-day sessions included several internal technology leaders and architects to:

  • Do an in-depth examination of internal architecture, environments, and processes Validate recommendations for fit and plausibility
  • Develop a plan that identified both immediate steps and future opportunities



The team was able to identify a mix of immediate and long-term opportunities, both helping the client resolve the immediate performance issues and laying a path to bolster the platform for long-term growth and supporting their global platform.


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