Skiptown Disrupts Petcare Industry with Design and Build of Innovative Service Platform

Endava helped Skiptown grow their business by scaling operations with new dashboards and an iOS app.

November 1, 2018



After months of rapid growth, Skiptown (previously Skipper, The Waggle Company) realized they would need to develop more robust and flexible platforms to help the company scale to a national presence.

To continue their innovation in the traditionally low-tech petcare industry, Skiptown needed a partner to assist with strategy, design, development, and product management.


Skiptown ran their business on a third-party platform, which did not allow for control over existing or future features. To grow their company, they needed to move to a custom platform as quickly as possible.

Skiptown’s other challenges included:

  • Current system was difficult to use and inflexible
  • Security controls were not built to scale
  • Dashboard and scheduling features were lacking
  • Infrastructure struggled to scale with company goal


Endava’s approach began with accompanying pet sitters on their appointments. The team then hosted a strategy session to define an MVP feature set and product roadmap.

Skiptown needed multiple solutions to solve for different pain points, such as making payments, tracking appointment details, and incorporating GPS capabilities for sitters.

The development work for Skiptown consisted of:

  1. Client Web Application: A dashboard where clients can create accounts, request appointments, make payments, and check on their pets
  2. Admin Web Application: A dashboard where Skiptown can manage the appointment pipeline
  3. Native iOS Application: An app for sitters to see appointment details and track visits with GPS capabilities


Endava’s cross-disciplinary approach allowed for the creation of two web applications and an iOS application that positioned Skiptown for its next phase of growth. With the new platforms in place, customers can easily make payments and manage their experience, and admins and sitters can quickly access details and appointments.

Overall, the project helped Skiptown achieve:

  • Better understanding of their customer experience
  • 3 user-friendly and visually appealing platforms
  • Robust dashboard and scheduling features
  • Security controls built to scale for each platform
  • Scalability to help the company grow effectively

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