National Sports Organization’s Storefront Redesign Improves eCommerce Revenue

Enhanced user experience through new single-page application, payments portal, and subscription management

March 3, 2021



A national sports organization outgrew its existing eCommerce engine. Seeing this as an opportunity to scale and increase revenue, a redesign of their entire storefront and subscription platform was needed. Using a server-side rendered app (Angular) to improve performance, UX, and web accessibility could create a more streamlined buying experience.


The client’s primary challenge was timing, as the storefront had to launch before the start of the new season. Additionally, the client’s product team quickly recognized that the redesign would require Angular expertise.




Levvel’s mission was to architect, design, and develop the new storefront and subscription platform. Leveraging the provided business and technical requirements, Levvel needed to:

  • Function as SMEs to augment client design and development teams
  • Deliver business flexibility in creation of greenfield platform
  • Measure codebase effectiveness (achieve 95% unit testing coverage)
  • Enable personalization, recommendations, and dynamic content on the webpage
  • Migrate existing API framework


With Levvel’s help, the national sports organization launched the new storefront and subscription platform before their new season began. Improved cross-functionality between product and development teams allowed for a more streamlined eCommerce experience moving forward.


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