Monetizing User Experience Empowers Exponential Product Growth for Digital Media Company

Product update sees sharp increase in unique user engagement

February 5, 2021



A blockchain-based product company was in the process of developing an eSports game. Looking through a product lens, they needed a fresh perspective on web development and strategy to help the product reach its potential. This company teamed up with Levvel to rethink the user experience (UX), implement a new frontend in React, and build out new features that would resonate across a diverse group of users.


Creating a unique user experience in an already saturated environment was a considerable roadblock. The client wanted to focus on better understanding their audience while evaluating user activity.

In attempts to pique customer interest, some of the challenges the client was up against included:

  • Differentiating UX and features from similar products on the market
  • Avoiding being “everything to everyone”
  • Product management needs (i.e., sprint organization and estimations)
  • Building a solid foundation for an MVP that could grow with them



Levvel’s mission was to help this client gain a competitive edge by focusing on user needs that offered a unique experience and provided key new features. Figuring out what elements users were most interested in would keep engagement high.



The product was initially launched in March 2020, just as the pandemic lockdowns began. After releasing updates that included the highly-anticipated player hub and tournament features in September, total users by day more than doubled.


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