Health and Wellness Brand Modernizes E-Commerce Platform with AWS Cloud Migration

Endava helped bring e-commerce up to speed with APIs, containerization, and microservices-based architecture.

December 4, 2019



Faced with the challenge of migrating systems and processes, a health and wellness brand needed to modernize their existing e-commerce platform. The company turned to Endava to complete an AWS migration that would position them for future growth, streamline operations, and enable development teams with the right tools for compliance.


Although the company had already begun modernizing on their own, they needed a partner with the technical expertise required to ensure HIPAA compliance, business continuity, and disaster recovery strategies—all while operating in a highly regulated SaaS environment.

To help with scalability, the client hoped to migrate from collocated data centers into the AWS public cloud platform. The client also aimed to train employees in AWS security best practices and to streamline HIPAA compliance.


To complete the AWS migration, Endava worked with the client’s cloud and technology teams to develop business continuity and disaster recovery strategies, assess compliance and define remediation actions, and implement approved approaches.

Endava’s approach included:

  • Assessing cloud environments
  • Consolidating points of login
  • Creating a multi-account strategy
  • Addressing resource bloat
  • Collecting critical logs


The modernization of the client’s e-commerce platform led to a strong footing for scalable growth, with the AWS migration allowing for streamlined compliance and more seamless operations across the company’s cloud environment.

Through the migration to AWS, Endava helped the client:

  • Modularize network design
  • Modularize security and configuration settings
  • Guarantee identical environments throughout SDLC
  • Create a console that allowed for visual inspections

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