How a Top 10 U.S. Bank Led the Charge on Zelle & RTP

Providing technical insight, resources, and architectural design to an early adopter of RTP

January 21, 2021



When Zelle and RTP were just being introduced to the retail banking industry, a top 10 U.S. bank wanted to take the opportunity to be an early adopter. Knowing Levvel’s expertise in the new payment rails, they wanted to partner with us on architecture, technical design, and business process work. This included specific customer use cases, operational diagrams, and flows to better serve banking customers.


The challenge was how to efficiently integrate the third-party service provider when launching Zelle and RTP. Additionally, internal teams needed further alignment in assessing the bank’s operational and architectural needs for this new payment rail.




Levvel’s mission was to focus on the business strategy and operations of these payment rails, and then work on the technical architecture blueprint to implement Zelle and RTP. The strategy work included expertise on use cases and customer journeys, while the technical analysis focused on the development of the technical architecture.

This approach provided the bank with:

  • Support driving internal discussions on enterprise technical strategies goals for payments and a hardened plan for implementation
  • Technical architecture analysis and iterations for process flows and operational diagrams
  • Detailed deliverables of technical process flows and architectural diagrams for each Zelle and RTP use cases, including alignment to a newly implemented payment hub



This top U.S. bank would be one of the first financial institutions to implement Zelle and RTP. With Levvel’s help, the bank was able to integrate the third-party vendor into their existing ecosystem and successfully launch these new payment rails.


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