Global Media Company Increases Advertising Revenue

Driving content engagement with improved video experience

February 11, 2021



A global media giant, headquartered in the southeast, saw an opportunity to increase ad revenue by rebuilding and redesigning their website’s video player. A lot of visitors were not engaging with media, especially within the mobile app. With Levvel’s help, the client could create a modern user experience and increase the click-through rate (CTR) to boost ad revenue.


Considering the size and age of the client’s organization, innovating was extremely difficult. Teaming up with Levvel would provide the client with a fresh, new perspective on designing and successfully launching a modern content experience.




Levvel started by working with the client’s research team to gauge user interest. With these insights, they could design a tailored media experience and measure engagement more clearly across the website.

Levvel’s approach was divided into four phases:

  • Phase 1—Market Research: User interviews were conducted to find likes and dislikes related to design, placement, and content. This feedback informed the creative decisions around a better user experience.
  • Phase 2—Design: Levvel helped design prototypes that would be used in more user interviews to test reactions and engagement levels.
  • Phase 3—Development and Implementation: When the prototype got the seal of approval from users and internal teams, mobile development and implementation began.
  • Phase 4—Iterative feedback: This involved constantly reviewing user interactions and closely watching video starts and user engagement length.


With the successful launch of the redesign, the client created a more consistent brand experience on mobile and the web. This project lead to:


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