Global Media Company Implements Design System for Improved Speed-to-Market

Streamlined design process boosts coordination, alignment, cross-functionality, and testing within internal teams

April 22, 2021



A global media company needed a centralized design system to create consistency across products and brands. After working with Levvel to increase ad revenue, the client turned to the tech consultancy once again to help their teams benefit from shared components and reusable assets across multiple consumer experiences. Having design elements kept in one centralized place would help from a brand consistency perspective and when new designers and developers joined internal teams.


Web page layouts and designs were different across their many brands. It was important to create a consistent design experience, but this had to be done without affecting click-through rate (CTR), engagement, brand value, or visibility.



Levvel’s mission was to help construct this centralized hub, which involved various auditing and cataloging of design components. It was important to figure out where these components “lived” across all products. Levvel’s approach involved:

  • Mapping out who controlled assets across all internal teams
  • Pairing each designer with a developer and QA (to create, test, and rebuild design components)
  • Internal teams adding components to centralized design system
  • Creating a new homepage navigation bar for a more consistent UX and better brand consistency



With the completion of this project, the global media giant finally had a centralized design structure library. This included a streamlined design process, which created more coordination, alignment, cross-functionality, and consistency across internal teams.


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