Digital Supply Chain Leader Delivers More Efficient IT Infrastructure Management with AWS Migration

Modernizing infrastructure environment to consolidate critical acquisitions data and optimize cost

November 12, 2021



A leader in digital supply chain technology obtained a portfolio of applications and capabilities through multiple acquisitions. To integrate these capabilities with existing processes and value proposition, they decided to migrate the acquired company’s infrastructure from an on-premises, third-party data center to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) managed public cloud hosting environment.

With Levvel’s help, the client created a more sustainable environment that employed industry best practices, managed costs, and promoted security, compliance, and elasticity.


Navigating the nuances of each acquisition’s IT environments was a challenge. With this being a custom-built solution for each integration, each IT environment was at different stages of modernization and lacked consistent best practices. Navigating the application stacks presented significant risk and time constraints, as there was minimal access to key IT team members from the acquired companies.




Levvel’s mission was to migrate an initial set of high-priority applications to AWS and create deployable runtime environments that were completely curated through automation and auditable solutions. The successful completion of this transformation enabled Levvel to create a predictable and repeatable process to update applications and databases.

Levvel’s approach involved:

  • Workshop: A week-long workshop to outline key objectives, milestones, risks, gaps, assumptions, and high-level approaches to key deliverables. This enabled all stakeholders to develop a deep understanding of the roadmap, timelines, and scope. During the workshop, participants discussed any conflicts, including any competing priorities and identified the initial steps to begin the migration.
  • Implementation: During weeks two and three, work began on implementing the basic infrastructure needs for AWS migration. After getting the correct network details and the appropriate validation teams engaged, Levvel engineers began migrating the supply chain leader’s initial clients to AWS.


The series of AWS migrations were successful with the delivery of a modern and updated environment. This environment provided much-needed IT stability, as well as confidence and competence to:


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