DevOps Automation Enables More Efficient Software Release Cycles For Accident Insurer

Enabling the widespread use of DevOps principles for a more-responsive customer platform

January 31, 2021



Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, this insurance client provides accident insurance coverage primarily to small and medium-sized businesses. The client wanted to find a faster way to release code and improve their in-house DevOps capabilities to better serve their customers. Recognizing that mentorship and education would bolster their internal DevOps team, the client teamed up with Levvel to implement a more reliable and responsive process to address customer problems through automation.

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The significant amount of “tribal knowledge” in the client’s existing SDLC processes posed a considerable challenge. Tribal knowledge is when systems and processes are not common knowledge to the broader team; this usually means these processes are not well documented, making identifying bottlenecks, process improvements, and knowledge transfer challenging, impacting the quality and responsiveness of the client’s products and services.



The client realized that to deliver business outcomes, they had to first overcome their technological and process challenges. Levvel’s mission kicked off with an action plan to enable the client to identify technology, process, and experience gaps, prioritize areas for improvement, and adopt an iterative process with metrics to deliver value to their

It was critical for the client to:

  • Address data security risks
  • Increase the maturity level of DevOps practices
  • Manage data workloads and services that facilitate automation



This was a fantastic opportunity for education and mentorship centered around DevOps best practices. The client successfully automated their DevOps processes, reduced tribal knowledge through the use of knowledge systems, and migrated traditional workloads to Kubernetes, delivering a more responsive platform for their customers. With this newfound knowledge, the client adopted a more modernized approach when implementing new DevOps initiatives moving forward.


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