CUSO Establishes Best Path to RTP Enablement

Evolving RTP business goals through discovery, strategy, and competitive analysis

December 22, 2020



A credit union service organization (CUSO), focused primarily on digital experiences and payments, began to ponder the impact of Real-Time Payments (RTP) in the financial space. To plan to efficiently launch this payment rail, they needed help building a clear RTP strategy to educate and get decision-makers on board.



The CUSO organized their resources to a select few, high-performing products. Coming up with a new RTP strategy that aligned to that focused product set would require creativity and innovation, and challenges included:

  • Focused product portfolio
  • Internal alignment and momentum on best time to launch RTP
  • Limited internal RTP product knowledge


Levvel’s mission was to join the CUSO at that critical turning point to discover, collaborate, and decide on the best path to RTP. A one-day, on-site workshop helped generate the initial dialogue, which launched into a strategic plan around the credit union’s current payments set-up, product offerings, and how to best utilize RTP to benefit customers.




With Levvel’s help, the RTP strategy and approach was built, and the path to pursue this new payment rail was clear.


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