Creating an Opportunity for New Revenue Streams Through Payment Technology Innovation

Actionable plan aligns payments technology with business growth at top five bank

December 1, 2020



For large financial institutions (FIs), payment infrastructure can be complex. But timely investments in technology to promote these payments capabilities is critical to staying competitive. To stay ahead, a top five bank wanted an actionable roadmap to help with the architectural design of their payments hub. This would increase potential revenue streams by promoting customer use of digital payments, like P2P (Peer-to-Peer) payments and RTP (Real-Time Payments).


This FI wanted to be better positioned to take calculated risks when defining the future–and the path to getting there. They needed a crucial update to their core payment platform to make this happen, which involved complicated systems and a reliance on third-party vendors.




Levvel’s mission was to design an architectural plan and implementation roadmap for the new Enterprise Payments Platform (EPP). This would standardize their entire API catalog and promote consistency, repeatability, performance, and maintainability.

With this approach, the client would take the following steps:

  • Create Zelle API directory: Define and document all projected API endpoints
  • Build Payments Hub: Assess, define, design and plan payments hub platform architecture design
  • Architecture and Development Support: Provide immediate implementation support for payments application in delivery of the architectural design of payments hub



Once the bank had a new payment infrastructure, they could create new revenue streams. After analyzing and better understanding revenue streams, the bank was able to attract new customers and create a better experience for current customers.


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