Creating a Better Hospitality Experience With Contactless Payments Technology

How we helped a startup disrupt the retail industry through a modern point of sale

April 27, 2021



If you have ever been to a bar on a busy night, you know what it’s like to have to wait in line or push through a throng of people to be able to rest your elbow on the bartop and request a drink. You repeat this process every time you order drinks or open a tab, and have to remember to close your tab every single time. Barpay wanted to change all of that by allowing people to order drinks right from their smartphones. This would create a better patron experience, allow servers to serve more customers, reduce time spent collecting payment, and reduce credit card processing fees.



Being a startup is hard. Barpay needed to get their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to market so that they could begin generating revenue. They had an intended user experience but needed payments and development expertise to bring it to reality.



We wanted to live in a world with a better bar experience, so we got to work helping Barpay launch their business by focusing on payments processing and software development.

Our team:

  • Mapped out payment flows
  • Assisted in choosing a payments partner (Braintree)
  • Provided an iterative framework to operate software development efforts
  • Built APIs and back-end services
  • Developed an administration application



Ultimately, we were able to help Barpay bring their product to life and get their business off of the ground. Barpay was able to improve the bar and nightlife experience using technology to allow people to spend less time waiting and more time enjoying a night out. With this modern point of sale, they were able to expand their business into multiple hospitality markets, including hotels, coffee shops, and other retailers.


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