A Well-Timed Modernization of a Critical Legacy Application For A National Media Company

Breaking down tribal knowledge, standardizing code, and upgrading infrastructure

March 9, 2021



In order to streamline day-to-day ad operations, a digital media company was looking to modernize an outdated, critical legacy application and optimize its data sources. The application was a financial reporting platform that took data from advertising operational systems and generated reports for people within the organization. To make this system more reliable and efficient, the client brought in Levvel to build an upgrade to this valuable business tool.


The primary challenge was creating a parallel version of the current system without affecting day-to-day operations. However, because the reporting platform was self-documented, there were no technical requirements or specifications in place.




Levvel’s mission was to guide the analysis phase that would lead to the updated application build. This involved determining which parts of the software were relevant to current business goals and untangling existing architecture and business logic.

After the initial analysis phase, the execution plan involved:

  • Stabilizing current infrastructure (moving to server version of Windows)
  • Standardizing coding and development for internal teams
  • Upgrading database server and updating IP addresses
  • Splitting platform into different modules to run independently


The new, modularized version of the application solved an intractable problem tied to a critical ad revenue process.


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