Levvel Digital, a New Division of Levvel Consulting, Announces Zimulator, the First Digital Simulation Product for Banks Implementing Zelle

October 22, 2020

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CHARLOTTE, NC—October 22, 2020: Levvel, a fast-growing strategy and technology consultancy, is pleased to announce the launch of Zimulator, a new digital product allowing banks to quickly and easily test and prepare for certification for Zelle.

Zimulator is the first product to come out of Levvel Digital, a new division of Levvel focused on the creation of software products that help customers across multiple industries improve the efficiency and quality of their technical integrations. Zimulator is a cloud-hosted simulation of the Zelle network and provides a way for banks to test their integrations against in-network use cases of the Zelle network from multiple environments as efficiently as possible.

Zimulator is hosted in a secure dedicated AWS environment that allows authorized users quick and easy access from anywhere, inside or out of the bank, providing a single URL to access the full test environment. Zimulator takes all of the hosting configurations and headaches caused by plugging into testing environments and makes a seamless setup where financial institutions can get this service anywhere.

Levvel’s CEO, Chris Hart, says, “Zimulator is a game-changer for banks onboarding to Zelle or re-certifying with a new version of the specification by accelerating the development and testing of direct integrations.” Hart continued, “Digital product owners and technology executives are under intense pressure to bring competitive, differentiated products to market faster than ever, and the Zelle network plays an important role in many banks’ payments strategies.”

Another key component of Zimulator is the Bank of Zim, an intuitive counterparty bank experience that allows financial institutions to simulate the end-to-end lifecycle of a Zelle transaction. Bank of Zim provides a user interface where financial institutions can view and manage data from the perspective of another bank, as well as initiate transactions to test the inbound processing logic of their own Zelle integration. By simulating both sides of the process, banks can create a more complete and efficient experience.

Currently, there is nothing in the market that allows financial institutions to test Zelle easily and seamlessly in any environment and from any device. Levvel saw how painful the testing process was for clients and strived to fill the gap, with the capability to test both successes and failures from either party in the transaction easily being a key feature.

With the introduction of Levvel Digital, Levvel plans on expanding Zimulator’s functionality beyond Zelle testing and simulation to other financial technologies, including the new RTP network from The Clearing House and FedNow, once it is available. The goal is to continue to serve financial institutions with modern payment integrations and solutions.

Levvel’s Head of Payments and Chief Strategy Officer, Scott Harkey, is pleased to bring new products to market through Levvel Digital.

“Over the last six years, we have performed a large number of custom technology integrations for our customers, and we have always had an eye towards opportunities to build products that help our customers achieve their goals,” said Harkey. “We are happy to launch Levvel Digital to bring those products to market finally and are thrilled that Zimulator is our first offering. Zelle has been a game-changer for financial institutions of all sizes, and Zimulator makes it even easier for banks to get online with the product.”

Learn more about Zimulator here.

Inc. Magazine named Levvel one of the nation’s best places to work in 2020. This marks Levvel’s second appearance on Inc.’s Best Workplaces list, as well as being featured as one of Inc.’s 5,000 fastest-growing U.S. companies for the last three years in a row.

Levvel continues to grow, with a strong focus on hiring in a number of roles and expansion into new verticals. Levvel is looking for people who want to build incredible technical skills while also being exposed to all aspects of the business. Working at Levvel provides considerable growth opportunities, access to senior leaders and technical mentors, and professional development opportunities.

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