Levvel Announces Acquisition of PayStream Advisors

August 18, 2016

Charlotte City

Charlotte, NC, August 18, 2016: Levvel, LLC, a fast-growing IT consulting firm based in Charlotte, announced today that it has acquired Paystream Advisors, a leading independent financial research and advisory firm. The acquisition combines PayStream’s record of groundbreaking research and thought leadership with Levvel’s broad expertise in IT strategy and execution. Piper Jaffray served as the exclusive financial advisor to Levvel.

“In the last 15 years, we have witnessed a massive transformation in the financial technology market. Financial process automation has gone from disruptive to mission-critical for organizations across many industries,” said Henry Ijams, Founder and Managing Director at PayStream Advisors. “This acquisition will allow PayStream to maintain its unbiased research and consulting practice, while expanding its subject field to meet our audience’s changing needs.”

Scott Harkey, Levvel’s Payment Practice Lead, added: “Levvel has built a strong reputation for its deep insights into consumer payments, from product strategy and development to technical implementation. This acquisition strengthens our B2B payments capabilities, particularly in the core areas of accounts payable, procurement, and expense management. In return, we are thrilled to introduce delivery capabilities to PayStream’s existing clients even as we continue to provide them with reliable, independent advisory services.”

About Levvel

Levvel is an IT consulting firm that combines the innovative DNA of a start up with the wisdom, scalability, and process rigor of a Fortune 100 company. We offer both technical implementation services as well as strategic advisory services. We offer an unfair advantage over the competition with comprehensive services including DevOps, Cloud, Mobile, UI/UX, Big Data, Analytics, Payment Strategy, and more. Levvel is headquartered in Charlotte, NC and has offices in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, New York City, and Richmond, VA. Vist us at www.levvel.io to learn more.

About PayStream Advisors

PayStream Advisors is a research and advisory firm that delivers first-rate industry research on office-process automation to finance and procurement professionals. We provide research-based, unbiased educational content to challenge readers’ thinking, inform them of marketplace trends, and empower them to transform their organizations. Our targeted research publications, consulting services, process-enhancement workshops, and annual P2P Automation Masters event are designed to address the unique needs of finance professionals in a global market. PayStream’s research is available on demand for members, and membership is completely free. For more information visit www.paystreamadvisors.com.

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