Joining Forces: Endava Acquires Levvel

September 8, 2021

Endava/Levvel Joining Forces Visual

The Highlights

  • On April 1, 2021, Levvel was acquired by Endava.
  • Levvel now has several delivery teams across the globe.
  • Our workforce grew from 250 to more than 8,000.
  • New industries, capabilities, services, pricing, and delivery models.

On Joining Forces

On April 1, 2021, we officially integrated and joined forces with Endava, a global software and technology services firm.

There are clear parallels between Endava’s and Levvel’s missions and the paths we took to where we are today. Both companies started in financial services and built a reputation through strong digital design and engineering capabilities, while keeping people and company culture a priority. Together, we’ll continue to help our clients better serve their customers with technology.

Hear from our leaders on why joining forces made so much sense:

Why It Matters

Going Global

Our clients have traditionally been located in the United States. Being a part of a global firm like Endava enables us to do projects we never could have done before. We’re now able to serve new customers around the world with much larger onshore and nearshore teams. This new global footprint also means our customers can now work with us in more time zones that match theirs.

Our senior leadership teams recently had the opportunity to visit Dubrovnik, Croatia together, and discuss what the future company will look like.

Levvel, At Scale

At the time of the acquisition, we consisted of about 250 people. That number jumps to over 8,000 when combined with Endava’s workforce. This provides businesses across the globe with new capabilities, expanded services, and flexible delivery models combined with the same focus on agile delivery that we’ve always had.

Industrial Strength

Joining forces further strengthens our industry expertise, particularly in financial services and mobility. This unlocks more value for existing customers and allows us to serve new markets in exciting ways, while also increasing our industry firepower in key areas such as retail, healthtech, insurance, media, and telecommunication.

Joining-Forces-Lander-Image Our international footprint will allow us to build deeper relationships with our clients.

Looking Ahead

Our shared mission is clear: no matter what problem you’re solving, we exist to ensure your endeavor is a success. By reimagining how businesses can solve problems with technology, our clients are empowered to serve their customers in better ways. In joining forces with Endava, we’re able to help clients do that better than ever before.

Have questions regarding our future with Endava? We’d love to hear from you! Whether you want to share feedback, the problems you’re currently solving, or how we can help with your next project, drop us a line at

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