Levvel and Endava: Stronger Together

November 17, 2022

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The Highlights

  • On April 1, 2021, Levvel was acquired by Endava.
  • As of November 2022, Levvel’s brand and communications have officially changed over to Endava.
  • Our workforce grew from 250 to over 12,065 people (as of November 2022).
  • The acquisition has brought new industries, capabilities, services, pricing, and delivery models.

On Joining Forces

Hear from our leaders on why it made sense to come together, from our combined experience in financial services to a reputation built on strong digital design and engineering capabilities:

Why It Matters

Global Scale

Being part of a global firm like Endava has enabled us to carry out projects we never could have done before. Customers can now access much larger onshore and nearshore teams across Europe and Latin America.

This expansion of our delivery capabilities means we can support your business as it moves into new markets, in time zones that match yours.

In the words of Endava CEO John Cotterell, “The integration process has been combining the ways in which Endava does things, the ways in which Levvel does things, and bringing the best out of both of those to create an even stronger organization.”

Former Levvel CEO and current Endava EVP of Client Success for North America Chris Hart echoed the significance of the integration, stating, “What that means for our clients most importantly is that we’re able to do all the same things we were able to do as Levvel […] but we now have the incredible capabilities that Endava can bring. And we have these Levvel-based capabilities in North America that we can bring to Endava’s clients together.”

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Helping Clients Do More

New and existing clients—across both Levvel and Endava—continue to benefit from what we do best: creating technology solutions to solve real problems. We’re now able to do this with new capabilities, expanded services, and flexible delivery models.

How We’re Already Doing This

For a retail banking client from Endava, we introduced Levvel’s digital banking and bank payment hub expertise to engage with them on more strategic product guidance and technical delivery capabilities.

A Levvel mobility client has been supported with a larger, global workforce through engaging Endava’s Latin American delivery capability.

Industrial Strength

Joining forces further has strengthened our industry expertise.

One example of this: we’ve combined the strengths the Endava team has in card-based payment acquiring and that of Levvel in banking technology, and as a result, banks can enter the merchant acquiring business or differentiate their existing acquiring offerings.

This experience in payments means we can further help clients in industries such as retail, mobility, healthcare, media, and telecommunications, and offer better or new payment options to grow their customer base.

Looking Ahead

By reimagining how businesses can solve problems with technology, our clients are empowered to serve their customers in better ways. In joining forces with Endava, our expertise and capabilities expand to support our clients in all stages of digital acceleration.

Have questions regarding Levvel’s integration with Endava? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at contactus@endava.com.

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