Women In Technology: Success through Sponsorship and Self Advocacy

November 20, 2019

Date & Time

November 20, 2019 9:30 PM - November 21, 2019 12:00 AM


Levvel HQ

101 North Tryon

Suite 15

Charlotte, NC 28202


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Catalyst, a global nonprofit that studies women in the workplace, found that women who start out in business roles in tech-intensive industries leave for other industries at higher rates than men; 53 percent vs. 31 percent. According to Women in the Workplace, women are doing their part. For decades now, women have been earning more bachelor’s degrees than men. Additionally, women are asking for promotions and negotiating salaries at the same rates as men and are staying in the overall workforce at the same rate as men. So why are we losing women in technology-related fields?

Retention of women in tech-intensive industries are faced with unique challenges. Women cite that they feel that there is a lack of opportunity to advance, feel like they are treated unfairly when it comes to the assignment of projects and responsibilities, know that they are underpaid compared to their counterparts, and feel like they are less likely to be fast-tracked to promotions. To assist in overcoming these challenges, there are two important factors women need to succeed in male-dominated fields. They are: proper sponsorship from decision making leadership and the skill of self-advocacy.

Sponsorship is a key factor in unlocking a woman’s career. Often women in the workplace search for mentors that are able to to help provide tactical advice on day to day issues, but the true factor in success if having a sponsor who is a champion of your success. Sponsors are company leaders who are at the table for all major decisions, whether they are project assignments, promotions or while discussing P&L activities. Sponsors not only help you with tactical skill advancement but they are willing to come to the table on behalf of you and will help to ensure that you are being considered for the important career steps.

Self-advocacy is the action of speaking or acting on your own behalf, a task that makes most women naturally cringe about doing so. Often women see self-advocacy as the act of bragging about achievements, complaining about unfair outcomes or dealing with awkward interactions about career goals. Unfortunately, by feeling uncomfortable women shy away from advocating for themselves which can lead to missed opportunities in career advancements and salary achievements.

Join Levvel in our Charlotte, NC headquarters on November 20 for an in-depth discussion around how to successfully navigate your career.


  • 4:30-5:00: Check-in
  • 5:15-6:15: Panel and Q&A
  • 6:15-7:00: Networking and Happy Hour

Meet the speakers

Ivy Chin, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, American Tire Distributors

Ivy Chin

Chief Digital and Technology Officer, American Tire Distributors

Guests will learn about

  • The importance of sponsorship to propel your career.
  • How to identify a sponsor in your organization.
  • The importance of confidence in your skillset and abilities to advance in your role.
  • How to remove the awkward feelings in advocating for job promotions, key projects, and salary increases.

Meet the speakers

Ivy Chin, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, American Tire Distributors

Ivy Chin

Chief Digital and Technology Officer, American Tire Distributors

Ivy Chin is the Chief Digital and Technology Officer at American Tire Distributors (ATD). At ATD, Ivy is responsible for developing and activating the tools that enable ATD’s continued digitization to deliver an unsurpassed associate and customer experience. Most recently, Ivy served as Senior Vice President, Digital at PetSmart in Phoenix. She returns to the Charlotte area, previously serving as Senior Vice President, e-Commerce & Omnichannel Digital at Belk for seven years. Prior to her time at Belk, Ivy served 14 years in various e-commerce and IT roles at QVC in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

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