Digital Transformation: Making Businesses Digital Natives

July 12, 2018

Date & Time

July 12, 2018 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM


Red Hat Annex

190 East Davie Street

Raleigh, NC 27601


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Join digital transformation leaders from Levvel, Red Hat, CloudBees, Sonatype, and more for a presentation and panel discussion on why companies like Blockbuster and Borders failed, and why it matters to a bank, insurance company, FinTech startup, energy company, healthcare organization, or other big enterprise in 2018.

Learn why companies like Blockbuster and Borders failed and why it matters to your business in 2018. The answers is only partly related to technology, but critical to remaining relevant as more businesses struggle to become digital natives.

The reality is that people, process, culture, and technology all play important roles. Come out to see industry leaders discuss how these factors play a part in every company’s success—or failure—and learn about some tools that can help you be more successful as you consider digital transformation.

Join us for a happy hour and networking period after the discussion.

Meet the speakers

Chris Hart

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Marty Wesley

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat

David Schott

DevOps Solutions Architect, CloudBees

Guests will learn about

  • How do “being Agile” and “doing DevOps” intersect?
  • What are the key capabilities that have enabled your organization to respond to customers’ needs more quickly?
  • What tools help enable organizations to be more nimble and achieve their business objectives?
  • How do these initiatives relate to IT cost efficiency? How are some companies seem able to do more with less?
  • Microservices is the latest buzzword—are microservices really critical to success? For organizations and use cases that are a good fit for microservices, what are the foundational capabilities that are necessary to be successful?
  • What role does Platform-as-a-Service play in the Agile and DevOps story? How does a PaaS relate to containers and container orchestration?
  • Painting the landscape for me of PaaS and container management. Why would an organization choose something like open-source Kubernetes, Docker Enterprise, or Red Hat OpenShift? What should someone thinking about these tools make sure they are considering?

Who should attend?

If you’re a leader in Application Development, IT Operations, or Product Management and are looking to understand more about the intersection of process, organizations, and tools necessary to remain relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing digital landscape, you need to be here!

Meet the speakers

Chris Hart
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Chris has more than 15 years of technology leadership experience with a specialized focus on financial technology solutions in the consumer, commercial and wealth management space. He has led software development, infrastructure, and QA organizations at multiple Fortune 100 companies and also helped grow and launch a number of early-stage technology companies. Chris’s technical expertise, startup experience, and global program management background enables our ability to support a wide range of clients at all stages of transformation.

Marty Wesley
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Marty is a results-oriented executive with 16 years of experience leading product management and marketing teams in high-tech and software-as-a-service (SaaS) start-ups. He's had repeated success building, launching, and marketing innovative products that lead the market and drive revenue. Marty has a proven ability to define strategic initiatives, build and manage high performing teams, and execute to achieve results.

David Schott
DevOps Solutions Architect, CloudBees

David Schott has over 10 years of Java development experience with a focus on Application Design, Cloud Architecture, and CI/CD Automation. He specializes in all things Jenkins and DevOps while also aligning CloudBees solutions to customer use-cases. David enjoys experimenting with new technologies, most recently in the Docker and Container Orchestration space.

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